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Implementing Foundation Controls for Fire Phone

Set up the Fire phone user experience for your app.


Foundation Controls are building blocks for implementing a basic Fire phone user experience for your app.

Resources in this Section

Implementing HeaderNavigationBar: Use a header bar at the top of your app to display navigation controls, information, and common actions.

Implementing MediaController: Use a media controller in your app to control audio and video streams.

Implementing SidePanel: Use side panels to provide extra functionality or information that does not need to reside on the main panel for your app.

Implementing TabBar: Use a tab bar for navigation between views within an activity.

Implementing ToolBar: Use a tool bar for selecting actions to be performed.

Related Resources

Fire Phone API Reference: Java reference documentation for the packages and classes included in the Fire Phone SDK.

Using the API Simulator Tool: Integrate your app with the API simulator included with the Fire Phone SDK to visualize side panels and hero widgets.