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Testing IAP



Amazon provides several tools and services to help you test your IAP implementation:

  • App Tester: A testing app that enables you to test IAP v2.0 locally before submitting your app to the Amazon Appstore.
  • Receipt Verification Service (RVS): Service that validates purchases from your server. Both sandbox and production environments are available.
  • Live App Testing: Service enabling you to beta test your app with a select group of users after submitting it to the Amazon Appstore.

This topic explains each tool at a high level and suggests a testing workflow for your app.

Testing Environments vs. Live Environment

The environment used by the App Tester app differs slightly from that of a live, published app.

Amazon’s API libraries will detect whether your app has been published yet to the Amazon Apps & Games Developer Portal.

  • If your app has already been published, the API will exchange data with the Amazon Appstore.
  • If the API detects that the app has not been published through the portal, the API will exchange data with App Tester app.

This approach ensures that you will be able to use the same codebase for testing as you do when you publish your app.

The following image illustrates the differences between the two environments:

Suggested Testing Process

While you can use any testing process or workflow that works for you, the following workflow uses Amazon’s testing tools and services in a logical order to ensure that your app has had comprehensive testing coverages before going live with it in the Amazon Appstore:

  1. If you previously installed SDK Tester to test an app using IAP v1.0, uninstall SDK Tester. SDK Tester and App Tester are incompatible when installed on the same device.

  2. Download and install the App Tester. See Installing and Configuring the App Tester.

  3. Use this app to perform unit testing of the IAP API calls used by your unpublished app. See the App Tester User Guide and Designing and Executing Test Cases for IAP.

  4. Set up the Receipt Verification Service (RVS) Sandbox locally. See Receipt Verification Service (RVS).

  5. Configure your server to use RVS Sandbox and verify the receipts generated by your app via App Tester. See Receipt Verification Service (RVS).

  6. Submit your app to the Amazon Appstore for publication. See Submitting Your App and In-App Items.

  7. Select a group of users to participate in beta-testing your app in a production environment through Live App Testing. See Live App Testing.

  8. On the server side, continue to verify your app’s purchase receipts using the live RVS service. See Receipt Verification Service (RVS).