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Developer Console
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Caption Support

Fire App Builder supports the same closed captions/subtitles that Exoplayer supports. The formats include TTML, WebVTT, and CEA-608. The priority of support is as follows:

  1. CEA-608 inband (if enabled — see below)
  2. WebVTT and TTML outband
  3. WebVTT and TTML inband

To enable inband CEA-608 closed captions, open Navigator.json (located in app > assets). In the config object, add "enableCEA608": true. Here's an example:

     "config": {
       "showRelatedContent": true,
       "useCategoryAsDefaultRelatedContent": true,
       "searchAlgo": "basic",
       "enableCEA608": true,
       "enableRecentRow": true,
       "enableWatchlistRow": true,
       "maxNumberOfRecentItems": 5