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How to Win Back Payers to Your App | Amazon Moments

Win Back Payers

Win back players

Attract your VIPs... they're not gone forever

Payers are your most valuable customers and Moments can help you retarget them. Enhance new content, features, and events with physical and digital items and use push notifications and digital ads to bring payers back to your app.


Real-world rewards monetize players better than existing in-game rewards for Funplus.


Lapsed subscribers are more likely to renew when given $10 reward offer by Amazon Appstore.

Campaign examples


New features and events

Showcase new features and events in retargeting ads and push notifications. Offer a physical or digital item for trying the feature or completing the event.


Premium IAP

Bundle a high-value IAP with a physical or digital item to make it more enticing than other IAPs.

Content catch-up

New content

Promote new content by offering physical or digital reward for finishing three episodes of a new series.

Success story

Mytona icon

Seekers Notes

MyTona's Seekers Notes organizes monthly in-game events where players solve new and themed hidden object scenes. Using the Amazon Moments API, players who completed the in-game event were rewarded with a real-world prize. Learn how MyTona increased lapsed payer ARPU by 2.2x and more with Amazon Moments. Click here to read the success story »