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How to Reduce Churn and Increase App Retention | Amazon Moments

Reduce Churn

Connect with your users before they lose interest

Some users might have burned through all your app’s content, some users don’t need your app’s functionality anymore, and some users became distracted and simply forgot about your app. Use Moments to target each customer scenario with a personalized experience.

Campaign examples

Cancellation screen

When your users are stopping their paid subscription, offer a real world reward for continuing their subscription.

Special events

New content is time-intensive and costly to produce, so create recurring limited time events such as monthly competitions or themed bonus levels with prizes fulfilled by Moments.

Content catch-up

When a season premiere is approaching, offer a reward to your user for catching up on unwatched episodes.

Post-finale retention

When a television season is ending, offer a reward for watching three episodes of another series.

Curated challenges

For users who are showing signs of lapsing out of the app, encourage them with challenges and achievements related to their in-app behavior.

Success story

Family Farm Seaside

FunPlus was exploring new ways to keep players engaged with their farming simulation game. They also wanted to measure the impact of in-game rewards and its effects on in-app purchase behavior – for both new and existing users. Learn how FunPlus increased D30 retention by 97% with Amazon Moments. Click here to read the success story »