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Simple and flexible costs for every business model

Only pay for actions when they happen

Moments uses a simple cost per action (CPA) pricing model. You can focus your marketing dollars on valuable users who complete high-value actions for ROI-positive campaigns.

Set your CPA

Choose a price that aligns with the value of the desired action. From $3, $5, $10, $20, $100, and more.

Set your budget

Choose a small spend for testing or large spend for scale.

Only pay for completed actions

Be confident that you're paying for quality users. If you chose a $10 CPA, you only pay $10 when the user completes the desired action.

Maximize ROI

Focus on users who are valuable to your business to increase revenue.

Simple pricing at your fingertips

The Moments self-service console lets marketers set up campaigns in minutes without worrying about reward sourcing, management or fulfillment. You can view total number of completed customer actions in near real time to make campaign decisions quickly and easily.

Endless reward possibilities

Moments can accommodate a variety of reward options at different price points for every type of customer – in both digital and physical forms. You can easily set up campaigns by whitelisting products or reward categories most relevant for your customers. The Moments reward catalog gives you access to all Amazon Marketplaces (United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Italy, India, Spain, Japan, Mexico) and over 100+ countries.

Calculate your ROI

The CPA pricing model gives you the flexibility to test a wide range of prices and rewards. Use this ROI tool to understand the differing conversion rates and action quantities when you increase and decrease your CPA.

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