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How to Increase App Engagement | Amazon Moments

Increase Engagement

Address the entire lifecycle

You can bring new users through an enriching onboarding process that shows them top features and content. Then use Moments to drive high-value actions for your business, such as in-app purchases or daily log-ins and referrals. Continue to engage your active users by challenging them to complete goals tied to new features, content and events. Create super fans by creating a long and fulfilling app experience that will drive organic referrals.

Increase in day 30 retention for Funplus, Family Farm Seaside

Increase in day two retention for MyTona, Seekers Notes

Ways to increase engagement


Encourage your users with a goal and a physical or digital prize. Think of it as a fun quest.


Encourage your users with a goal and a surprise gift. Who doesn’t like surprises?


A series of challenges and goals that build upon each other for a more rewarding onboarding experience than a traditional tutorial.


Offer your most loyal customers exclusive rewards or early access to upcoming sales. Make them feel like true VIPs.

Industry examples

Health and fitness

Challenge users to submit daily fitness stats and goal updates.


Drive deeper engagement and build network effects by providing rewards for group accomplishments.


Introduce new content by rewarding users for watching three episodes from five new television series.


Challenge players to reach a specific level or complete a new mission or get a certain number of points.


Reward customers for joining an email subscription to get weekly updates.


Challenge users to watch every game of their favorite team this season.


Surprise customers when they complete high-value actions important to your app.


Target users that start an online class and reward them for completing it.


Build loyalty by offering frequent buyers program with compelling rewards fulfilled by Amazon.

Sago Mini

"It was great to be one of the early partners for the Moments program. It was a unique opportunity and interesting experiment that allowed us to speak to our digital customers, reward them, and build awareness around our physical toys."

— Nick Shim, Director of Digital Products, Sago Mini