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Getting Started

You can get started with a quick server-side API call

Signing up

Moments uses a simple cost per action (CPA) pricing model. You can focus your marketing dollars on valuable users who complete high-value actions for ROI-positive campaigns.

Register for an account

If you’re new to Amazon Developer, register for a free account. Be sure to select “No” for all options in step 3 of the registration process.

Sign into Moments console

Enter the simple self-serve marketing tool.

Register your app

Plug in your app to Moments and start setting up campaigns.

Setting up a campaign

Set up a campaign

Enter the CPA, choose rewards, and customize reward messaging.

Call the Rewards API

Use the API details on your completed campaign screen to get the reward URL for each customer. Read Rewards API documentation.

Test your campaign

Click the reward URL you receive via the Rewards API to test it out. By the way, you won’t get the item for free in “Test Mode.”

Push your campaign

Press the “Push to Live” button to start your campaign!

Why developers are choosing Moments

Lightweight integration

Set up Moments quickly to enable your marketing teams to test and launch engagement campaigns without future engineering resources. Read API Documentation to learn more.


Cross-platform functionality

Reach all your users across iOS, Android, FireOS, and web for a seamless customer experience. Moments works anywhere with an https:// connection.

Add-on feature

The Moments API sits on top of your existing retention mechanisms so it doesn't replace your current processes.

Moments technical documentation

Start exploring the Moments console today!

Simply log in to the Moments self-serve console. Don't have an account? Creating a new one is fast and easy.

Contact the Moments team with questions or for additional assistance.