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Login with Amazon Documentation

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Login with Amazon lets you protect your customer information by leveraging the user authentication system used by Login with Amazon is based on OAuth 2.0, which has been broadly adopted for user authorized exchanges across sites. For more high-level details, see the Login with Amazon product overview page. For more workflow details, see the Conceptual Overview.

Integrate Login with Amazon with your App

To integrate Login with Amazon with your app, see the following:

Login with Amazon for TVs, Game Consoles, and Other Devices

For sign-in on devices that are unable to launch a web browser (including Smart TVs, gaming consoles, watches, or other devices), Login with Amazon is supported using a programming model known as code-based linking (CBL).

Code-based linking is an authorization method in which your device displays an alphanumeric user code and a URL to a user who wants to Login with Amazon. The user then navigates to the URL from another device (such as a mobile phone or laptop), signs into their Amazon account if they aren’t already signed in, and enters the user code. Once they have finished, your device will recognize that they are authenticated, and will receive an access token which can be used to obtain the user’s customer profile data.

To integrate Login with Amazon with your app using CBL, see Login with Amazon for TVs and Other Devices using CBL.

Understanding Login with Amazon

The following topics show how Login with Amazon uses access tokens to allow websites to login customers and access their customer profiles .

Security Considerations

The customer information Login with Amazon provides to participating websites is valuable, and precautions must be taken to ensure it stays confidential. The Login with Amazon protocol makes extensive use of HTTPS to protect communications between the user and Amazon, and between your website and Amazon. These topics explain any security threats that go beyond using HTTPS, and explains how you can prevent attackers from gaining valuable customer information. 

Login with Amazon for WordPress

To integrate Login with Amazon for a WordPress site, see the following blog posts:

Support and Questions

For support, see the Login with Amazon area in the Developer Forums.

Last updated: Jul 09, 2021