Developer Console
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Fire TV Tools

Develop for one of the best-selling streaming media players on the market

Development frameworks and tools for media apps

Web App Stater Kit (WASK)

Quickly build web apps using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript with customizable templates that contain media functionality. Learn more »

Fire App Builder

Build Java-based apps without writing the code yourself. This framework uses Android Studio, and offers monetization and analytic features. Learn more »

Leanback Library

Turn your phone, tablet, or TV app into a streaming media app for Fire TV with the Android Leanback Support Library. Learn more »

APIs, SDKs, and tools

In-App Purchasing (IAP) API

Monetize your app with subscriptions and other digital content.


Engage customers and inform them of new content and features within your app.

System X-Ray

This on-device graphical tool identifies app or system resource problems so you can provide the best customer experience.

Fling SDK

Send video, audio, and images from iOS, Android, or Fire OS mobile apps to Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.

Configure for 4K Ultra

Enable your app to play 4K Ultra HD media on Fire TV devices.

Content Integration

Integrate your content to be discovered from the Fire TV home screen.