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Add Alexa to Your Devices

You can join more the world's leading OEMs and brands that have delighted their customers by adding Alexa to more than 140,000 smart speakers, lights, plugs, smart TVs, and cameras. Or you can add Alexa to invent entirely new categories of smart products to delight your customers. Today, customers engage with Alexa hundreds of millions of times each week through these devices. Enable customers to control your device with voice and automatically, and use your device to access content, services, and more than 100,000 skills. You can use our certification programs to ensure your product delivers delightful customer experiences and boost its exposure and sales on

Alexa for Device Makers

Why Build with Alexa?

Make Your Device Easier to Use

Enable customers to use voice to easily interact with your device. You can also use Frustration Free Setup to make setting up your device as easy as plugging it in.

Add Alexa Features

When you add Alexa to your device, you immediately add new features like Routines or the ability to use Alexa timers, music, and more. And, as Alexa gets smarter, your device gets smarter.

Grow Your Business

You can take advantage of the increased demand for smart devices and the Alexa Built-in and Works with Alexa certification programs to boost your product’s exposure and sales on


Make Any Device Smarter

You can add Alexa to any device and enable delightful customer experiences at home and on the go. Explore opportunities to improve common device types and get inspired by what others have built.

Lighting, Switches, & Plugs
Speakers & Receivers
Cooking Appliances
TV & Smart Screens
Routers & Extenders
Smart Vehicles
Gadgets & Toys

Explore Your Development Options

You can take advantage of our self-service tools to build Alexa into your device or connect your device to Alexa. You can also work with solution providers to expedite time to market.

Build Alexa Into Your Device

Alexa built-in devices have a mic and a speaker and customers can talk to your device to access content, services, and more. You can use our device APIs and SDKs to integrate Alexa into your device.

Connect Your Devices to Alexa

Alexa connected devices connect to Alexa in the cloud and enable customers control your device either with voice or automatically, such as power on and off, temperature up and down, and more. You can connect your device to Alexa in the cloud, on your device, or locally.

Get Help to Build Faster

Accelerate your device development by working with qualified solution providers across Systems Integrators, Consulting & Professional services, Agencies, original design manufacturers (ODMs), and development kits.

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