Alexa Voice Service (AVS) developer tools are no longer generally available for Alexa Built-in. Please visit the Works with Alexa program if you are interested in building devices that connect to Alexa.

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What are Alexa Built-in Devices?

The world's leading OEMs offer Alexa Built-in devices that let customers talk directly with Alexa through a microphone and speaker. Alexa turns your device into a smart device, and expands its capabilities. Customers can ask Alexa for help with everyday tasks and entertainment, and control Alexa connected devices or their own device.

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Learn About the Underlying Technology

Alexa Built-in devices are powered by Alexa Voice Service (AVS). The AVS team manages the services and infrastructure required for Alexa experiences, and provides a suite of device APIs, SDKs, and documentation. Developers may also work with third-party solution providers to utilize a qualified AVS solution. 

Start Developing with Solution Providers

Our global network of Alexa Solution Providers work together to help you develop high-quality experiences, accelerate your development, and reduce your overall development cost. The earlier you engage a Solution Provider, the better they can assist you. 

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Why Build Alexa Built-in Devices?

Delight Your Customers

Alexa makes your devices easier to use through voice, the most natural user interface. And, you can provide customers the choice and flexibility to interact with multiple voice services through your device. 

Increase Customer Loyalty

Alexa makes your device more useful throughout the day. Customers can access information and entertainment, set timers and alarms, control Alexa connected devices, and more – all from your device. 

Market to More Customers

Alexa differentiates your device, and helps you take advantage of the increased demand for smart devices. Certified Alexa Built-in devices receive increased exposure through


What You Can Build

Smart Speakers
Smart Headphones
Personal Computers
Smart Vehicles
Smart TVs and Screens

Alexa Built-in Brands

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