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Alexa for Lights, Switches, & Plugs

With Alexa, you can create voice-first experiences that provide a more intuitive way to interact with lights, switches, and plugs. Expand your product’s capabilities and enable your customers to easily control their lights and devices with voice and automation based on time-of-day and triggers.

Connecting Lights, Switches, and plugs to Alexa

Why Build with Alexa?

Here are just a few of the reasons customers love using Alexa-connected lights and other devices.

Voice-Enabled Experiences

Turn On and Off

Let customers simply use their voice to turn on and off lights and plugged in devices with Alexa. 

Adjust Color and Temperature

Change the color and temperature for color-changing and tunable light bulbs.

Set Brightness

Enable customers to control the brightness of devices such as light bulbs or dimmer switches.

Automated and Intelligent Experiences

Automated Routines

Customers can use Routines to set automated experiences based on time-of-day and triggers.

Proactive Suggestions

With Hunches, Alexa can proactively act based on your customers’ usage, like reminding customers to turn off a light before going to bed.

Smart Home Groups

Your customers can add your devices to Groups to control multiple smart home devices with simple commands, like "Alexa, lights on."

Case Study

case study image
With Alexa‘s Frustration-Free Setup, Setting Up TP-Link’s Smart Home Plugs is as Simple as Plugging Them In

Learn how TP-Link reduced its device setup process from 15 taps to near zero, making its popular smart plug even easier to set up and operate. Now customers can simply plug the device right out of the box and get connected in as little as under a minute.

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Example Devices

Featured Alexa Connected Products

You can build smart home products that customers can control from millions of Alexa devices.

LED Smart Bulb

Philips Hue
Technology: Zigbee
Certifications: Works With Alexa, Certified for Humans

Smart Light Switch

TP-Link Kasa
Technology: Zigbee
Certifications: Works With Alexa

Smart Plug

Technology: Smart Home Skill API
Certifications: Works with Alexa


Connectivity Options

Choose from multiple options to connect your lights, switches, and plugs to Alexa

  Local Connection On the Cloud On Device Module Alexa Built-in
Connectivity Type Connect via local connectivity protocols Connect your cloud to Alexa's cloud with Alexa skills Add an on-device hardware module No additional integration required; use your existing AVS client
Technology Zigbee, Z-Wave and other local conncetivity protocols
Smart Home Skill API, Custom Skill API, Multi-Capability Skills

Alexa Connect Kit (ACK)
Alexa Voice Service (AVS) API
Key Considerations
Zigbee or Z-Wave certified
Requires your own device cloud Managed service: No need to create a skill or manage cloud service Must have a microphone and meet AVS development requirements.
Supported Devices
Zigbee or Z-Wave certified devices

Any smart device with Wi-Fi

Any device with a microcontroller
Any device with Alexa Built-in
Voice User Interface Pre-built (Amazon-defined) Pre-built (Amazon-defined) or custom built Pre-built (Amazon-defined) Pre-built (Amazon-defined)
Certification Eligibility Works with Alexa Works with Alexa Works with Alexa Alexa Built-In
Development Information Zigbee and Echo Plus Smart Home Skill API Alexa Connect Kit Smart Home for AVS


Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs)

Engage ODMs for pre-tested solutions and streamlined designing, testing, and manufacturing processes.
You can start with a featured ODM, or learn more about our ODMs.


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