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Build Your Alexa Connected Device

Customers can use their voice to control your Alexa connected devices from Echo and Alexa Built-in devices. You can connect your devices to Alexa with a range of software and hardware solutions, such as in the cloud, locally, or directly on your hardware.

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Development Features

Choose from a variety of development options depending on your device type, development preference, and the customer experience you want to enable. No matter which option you choose, you can take advantage of our documentation, tools, and developer forums to help you on the way.


  On the Cloud On Device Module Local Connection Alexa Built-in
Connectivity Type Connect your cloud to Alexa's cloud with Alexa skills Add an on-device hardware module Connect via local connectivity protocols No additional integration required; use your existing AVS client
Smart Home Skill API, Custom Skill API, Multi-Capability Skills

Alexa Connect Kit (ACK)
Zigbee, Bluetooth, Z-Wave and other local connectivity protocols Alexa Voice Service (AVS) API
Key Consideration Requires your own device cloud Managed service: No need to create a skill or manage cloud service
Zigbee or Z-Wave certified
Must have a microphone and meet AVS development requirements. 
Supported Devices
Any smart device with Wi-Fi

Any device with a microcontroller: coffee makers, ovens, microwaves

Zigbee or Z-Wave certified lights, locks, plugs, sensors
Any device with Alexa Built-in
Voice User Interface Pre-built (Amazon-defined) or custom built Pre-built (Amazon-defined) Pre-built (Amazon-defined) Pre-built (Amazon-defined)
Certification Eligibility Works with Alexa Works with Alexa Works with Alexa Alexa Built-In
Development Information Smart Home Skill API Alexa Connect Kit Local Connection Smart Home for AVS


On the Cloud: Smart Home Skill API

You can build a smart home skills with the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK), which provides self-service APIs and tools to build skills that enable customers to control your cloud-connected devices and appliances using Alexa.

Tools and Resources

Automate Testing

Use the Smart Home Tests tool to reduce the time and cost to certify your device by quickly testing your smart home skill’s functionality.

Debug Device State

Use the Debugger Tool tool to debug your device’s state reporting and other events as you build.

Manage Operational Metrics

Track and manage your device’s operational metrics like latency and success rates in the ASK console.


Build a Smart Home Skill

Learn how to build a Smart Home Skill in the developer console, create an AWS Lambda function to handle the skill's logic, and test your skill. 


On the Device: Alexa Connect Kit (ACK)

You can use Alexa Connect Kit (ACK) to connect virtually any device with power to Alexa without managing cloud services or creating a skill. You integrate Amazon-managed ACK hardware module directly into your device and then a pay separate low, upfront fee that covers your ongoing use of the ACK cloud service for the device.

Tools and Resources

Prototype with ACK Development Kits

Use the ACK development kits to accelerate your product development process with ACK.

Review the ACK Device SDK

Review the SDK documentation to understand how to integrate ACK into your device.

Create a Virtual Product

Reduce the time needed to prototype your product's Alexa experience to just hours by creating a virtual product in the ACK Console.


View the ACK Step-by-Step Guide

View the step-by-step guide to prototype an Alexa Connect Kit (ACK) product prototype.


Local Connection

You can connect your Zigbee-based smart devices, like lights, locks, plugs, switches, and sensors, to Alexa using the Zigbee hub built into the new Echo Show and Echo Plus, or through other Zigbee Certified hubs. 

Tools and Resources

Echo Plus Zigbee Support

The Amazon Echo Plus has a built-in smart home hub that seamlessly connects and controls Zigbee smart devices.

Implement Works with All Hubs (WWAHu) Cluster

Works with All Hubs (WWAHu) is a custom Zigbee cluster that standardizes best practices to improve security, reliability, and interoperability for Zigbee devices.

Enable Zigbee Simple Setup

Enable Frustration-Free Setup (FSS) for Zigbee devices so a customer’s Zigbee hub will automatically and securely setup their device to their Zigbee network. 


Smart Home for AVS

With Smart Home for AVS, you can enable smart home functionality on your AVS device, without creating a Smart Home or Custom Alexa Skill. 

Tools and Resources

Smart Home Endpoints

Turn your device into a smart home endpoint that can receive and respond to smart home commands from Alexa.

Implement the Power Controller

The PowerController interface gives customers the ability to turn your device on or off using Alexa.

Implement Generic Controllers

Generic controllers give customers the ability to control modes, toggle between states, or set a value on your device using Alexa.


Disco Ball Tutorial

Build a Disco Ball using Smart Home for AVS that you can control with Alexa.



You can create, manage, test, and certify your Alexa-connected devices using our developer consoles.


More Resources


Reference documentation and technical requirements to build your own.


Join the Alexa community on Slack to meet other Alexa developers and share learnings and best practices.

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Engage with other developers and get questions answered by Amazon experts.

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