ACK Device SDK

The Alexa Connect Kit (ACK) Device SDK for Embedded C contains a library, samples, and documentation for developers to build Alexa-connected host microcontroller unit (HMCU) applications for ACK.

The ACK Device SDK has two main components:

  • HMCU Implementation Core – The implementation core communicates between your HMCU application and the ACK module. The implementation core handles device registration, life cycle management, connection to Alexa, device state changes, and processes Alexa directives and events. The HMCU runs your device's application, which handles device-specific logic for your device. The ACK Device SDK provides C source code that you use in your device's HMCU application. The ACK Device SDK provides the link between your device's HMCU and the ACK Module.

  • Sample applications for an HMCU – The sample applications represent different types of products with unique Alexa capabilities and functions, such as a smart bulb or ceiling fan. You can modify the sample applications to build your own Alexa-connected products. Otherwise, you can use the code as-is to connect the Development Kit to Alexa and control your device with the Alexa app or an Alexa-enabled product, such as an Amazon Echo Dot.

Download the ACK Device SDK on the Resources page of the ACK developer console.