Developer Console

Testing Your App for Amazon Underground


Amazon provides services and tools available to test your app before you submit it to the Amazon Underground program:

  • AppTester Tool: Test your app's integration with Amazon's In-App Purchasing (IAP) APIs, if applicable.
  • Live App Testing: Beta test your app with a small group of pre-selected users.

AppTester Tool

The AppTester tool is a downloadable Android app that allows you to test your app's integration of Amazon's In-App Purchasing (IAP) APIs locally before you submit the app to the Amazon Appstore. The App Tester simulates a production environment that you can use to validate expected IAP use cases. Use the Amazon AppTester tool to locally test your app's integration with IAP:

  • If the non-Underground version of your app uses IAP and you have previously tested your IAP integration, you can use AppTester simply to validate your updated item SKUs.

  • If the non-Underground version of your app used Google's In-App Billing (IAB), and you migrated your app to IAP for Amazon Underground, you can use AppTester to test your IAP integration.

To learn more about App Tester, see Installing and Configuring AppTester.

Live App Testing

Amazon's LiveApp Testing service enables you to test your app in a live environment with beta users that you choose. For Amazon Underground, this service provides you with the opportunity to test the Amazon Underground version of your game in a live environment, and to receive feedback and bug reports on how your Amazon Underground app will function once it has been published live to the Amazon Appstore.

To learn more about this service, see Live App Testing.

Last updated: Jul 13, 2017