Amazon Music Web API

Web API Pagination V1.0


Many Web API endpoints allow pagination of their results. Endpoints that allow pagination will offer a limit parameter as well as a token/cursor parameter. The default page size is 100 for most endpoints (where the page size is different, the documentation will note it). To specify a different size, include the query parameter limit with your request. The limit parameter must be a number between 1 and 100, inclusive.

Results will be returned with a PageInfo object. PageInfo has the properties hasNextPage and token. If PageInfo.hasNextPage is true, then there is at least one additional page of results. PageInfo.token can be used to retrieve those results.

The following is an example of how to handle paginated results: suppose you make a request to the followed artists endpoint:

<base url>/v1/me/followed/artists?limit=1

It may return the following as part of its response:

"pageInfo": {
    "hasNextPage": true,
    "token": "YUu8B558fNvJ4zG0z8LrD8eocIgTpEvvA7FxEnze..."

To request the next page of results, you will need the value of token, seen above. Send another request to the same endpoint, again with the specified limit and appending a new query parameter, cursor. Use the value obtained from pageInfo.token above. For example, like the following request:

<base url>/v1/me/followed/artists?limit=1&cursor=YUu8B558fNvJ4zG0z8LrD8eocIgTpEvvA7FxEnze...

This will return the next page of results. If there is another page after that, pageInfo.hasNextPage will be true and there will be a new token. Repeat the process for each page.

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