No matter how you monetize your apps and games, Amazon has a solution to help you grow your business. Use our In-App Purchasing API to sell digital content and subscriptions inside your app, or our Mobile Ads API to monetize your apps and games through in-app advertising. With Amazon's unique monetization solutions like Merch by Amazon, you can start generating revenue in a whole new way.

Merch by Amazon

Generate revenue through the sale of custom branded t-shirts in game. Take your fans to the next level. Learn more »

Amazon Coins

An incentive for customers to stretch their dollars and spend more in your apps and games. Learn more »

In-App Purchasing

Sell digital content and subscriptions including in-game currency and more, from within your apps. Learn more »

Mobile Ads

Monetize your apps across platforms with great eCPM and high-quality ads from Amazon and brand advertisers. Learn more »


Integrating with Amazon's APIs lets you improve player experience and retention. You can easily implement cross-platform achievements, leaderboards, and saved game syncing on your iOS, Android, and Fire tablet apps. Increase app installs and sales by reaching more customers with Advertise Your App and the Developer Promotions Console. You can also use Amazon Device Messaging to send push notifications, such as breaking news, to your customers or use Login with Amazon to reduce registration friction by making it easy for your customers to sign-in.

Device Messaging

Amazon Device Messaging (ADM) lets you send push notifications from the cloud to devices that run your app. Learn more »


Sync your game data across devices and platforms to improve player experience and retention. Learn more »

Login with Amazon

Securely connect with millions of Amazon customers and personalize their experience. Learn more »

Advertise Your App

Drive app installs across millions of Fire and Android users. Learn more »

Developer Promotions Console

A quick and easy way to create temporary discounts for your apps, games, and in-app items. Learn more »

Amazon Incentives API

Encourage loyalty to your apps by integrating Amazon gift cards as an incentive. Learn more »


Offer rich and immersive app experiences to delight your users. With Amazon Fling SDK, you can build rich multi-screen experiences with Amazon Fire TV. The Amazon Drive API and SDKs for Android and iOS enable you to personalize your utility, content creation, photo editing, or print app by providing direct access to your users’ Amazon Drive content. You can also preserve game settings, preferences, and application states for a seamless experience with Amazon Drive APIs and SDKs. Build mapping functionality directly into your app to create a deeper, more integrated experience for your users with the Amazon Maps API, and manage your Android app catalog by programmatically creating and updating apps on the Amazon Appstore with the Developer Publishing API.

Amazon Fling

Build rich multi-screen experiences with Amazon Fire TV. Learn more »

Amazon Maps

Add interactive 3D maps, graphics, and custom overlays to your Fire tablet and Fire phone apps. Learn more »

Developer Publishing API

Developer preview: Integrate with the Amazon Appstore by programmatically creating and updating your Android apps. Learn more »


From drag-and-drop submission testing to simulated devices, get the tools you need to build apps and games better and faster. You can test your app for compatibility before submitting it to the Amazon Appstore using our App Testing Service and quickly distribute your app on the Amazon Appstore to a predefined set of testers using Live App Testing.

App Testing Service

Test your app before submitting it to the Amazon Appstore and get feedback on what (if anything) you need to change. Learn more »

Live App Testing

Distribute and test your app against the full suite of Amazon services – including In-App Purchasing – in the actual production environment. Learn more »