Amazon Music Device API


Some tracks allow the customer to assign thumbs-up and thumbs-down ratings in order to personalize and improve the selection of music presented to them through the service. These tracks will have a non-null track­Rating member in their Track­Definition, which provides the current rating and a URL to which rating modifications should be reported.

Amazon Music uses a simple thumbs-up/thumbs-down rating system. While a track that support ratings is playing, the client should present the track’s current rating (if any), as given in the track rating object’s thumb­Rating member, and provide controls to modify the rating.

“track_def_2”: {
        “title”: “Roses (Imanbek Remix) [Explicit]“,
        “trackRating”: {
            “thumbRating”: “neutral”,
            “ratingURI”: “../rating/f85658b1-a6ca-4f3c-87f2-7c13993ea46f/828b3354-03bb-43fb-a96f-182bb61de0c0/n/UNLIMITED_HD/20b38402-3454-4d48-9fdb-3a18a79d8b73/B08DNHRWN2/UNLIMITED_STATION”

When the user modifies a track’s rating, the client should report it by sending a Track­Rating­Request to the URI specified by the track rating object’s rating­URI member. The Track­Rating­Response provides a confirmation message for the client to display to the customer and indicates whether the client should immediately skip to the next track with shouldSkip, a boolean value.

Currently, only tracks belonging to Amazon Stations support ratings, but clients should not assume that this will always be the case.

Sample Track­Rating­Request

    "thumbRating": "thumbs_up",
    "trackPosition": 1000, 
    "wallClockTime": "2015-08-31T18:45:00.000Z" 

Sample Track­Rating­Response

    shouldSkip: false,
    message: "We'll play more songs like this"


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