Amazon Music Developer Program

Amazon Music Program Requirements

Updated July 18, 2022

If you include access to the Amazon Music Service in Your Music Product then you must comply with the requirements set forth below. Capitalized terms used, but not defined, in this Schedule have the meanings given in the Amazon Developer Services Agreement (“Agreement”).

  1. Your Music Product must be developed and operated by you and not by a third party. You must submit Your Music Product to us for review and certification before Your Music Product is distributed or otherwise made available to any end users. You may not distribute or otherwise make Your Music Product available to any end users unless and until we have approved Your Music Product for distribution. Amazon can support the integration of the Amazon Music Service into Your Music products in the territories listed on this webpage: (and any successor site thereto). Not all features of the Amazon Music Service are available in each territory. Enabling distribution in each a territory will be contingent upon successful completion or certification and testing for that territory. Upon successful completion of certification and testing for a territory or region, we will enable each requested location (individually, an “Enabled Territory” and collectively, “Enabled Territories”). Unless we inform you otherwise, you may not provide or facilitate access to (and may not design Your Music Product to provide or facilitate access to) the Amazon Music Service from outside Enabled Territories.

  2. Your Music Product must not:

    1. promote or contain pornography or sexually explicit, obscene, violent, harassing, discriminatory, libelous or defamatory materials, or content that in our judgment is inappropriate or offensive;
    2. promote, facilitate or undertake illegal or potentially illegal activities;
    3. violate or infringe or promote the violation or infringement of any intellectual property, proprietary, or other rights of any person or entity;
    4. present any advertising to an end user during or otherwise in connection with the playback of Amazon Music Service content;
    5. integrate the Amazon Music Service or any Amazon Music Service content with a third-party music service or any third-party music service content;
    6. co-brand the Amazon Music Service;
    7. incorporate Amazon Music Service content into a game experience, including trivia quizzes; or
    8. synchronize Amazon Music Service content with video, photos or other visual media, e.g., a slideshow synchronized with Amazon Music Service content.
  3. In connection with including access to the Amazon Music Service in Your Music Product and allowing end users to access the Amazon Music Service through Your Music Product:
    1. you will implement in Your Music Product the collection of any usage metrics or related data that we may require and will report such metrics or data to us;
    2. you will display or otherwise provide to end users, and not remove, modify or obscure, any attributions, copyright information and other notices, terms and conditions that appear in the Amazon Music Service;
    3. unless we otherwise agree, you must include all the features we make available through the Amazon Music Service for Your Music Product and you will not remove, disable or interfere with any of the features;
    4. you will migrate to an Amazon-provided HTML5 software application within a reasonable timeframe (to be designated by Amazon) after it becomes available;
    5. you will not facilitate or provide access to the Amazon Music Service through any means other than through the authentication methods we specify, and you will not disable, circumvent or avoid any security device, mechanism or protocol of the Amazon Music Service;
    6. you will promptly (and in any event within any timeframes we expressly specify) update Your Music Product with any updates we require to any Program Materials incorporated into or otherwise used by Your Music Product;
    7. you will not disable, obscure, replace, add to, or modify any content delivered through the Amazon Music Service or otherwise impair, disrupt or interfere with the performance of the Amazon Music Service;
    8. you will be solely responsible for determining and complying with any applicable legal, regulatory or policy restrictions or requirements related to Your Music Product or the design, manufacturing, marketing, offer for sale, sale, distribution, use, and operation thereof, including U.S. export control and trade laws, requirements of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and requirements of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission;
    9. you will not charge any fees to any end user for access to or use of the Amazon Music Service; and
    10. All content streamed from Amazon Music on Your Music Products must be protected using Digital Rights Management.
  4. You will use best efforts to prevent stream “ripping” and will implement the content security requirements we provide to you. You will not permit offline playback or local caching of Amazon Music Service content, unless we agree otherwise in writing. If we agree to permit offline playback, you will ensure that end user access to offline content on your Music Products expires after 30 days of the end user being offline. If we agree to permit local caching, you will delete or refresh the content at the interval we specify.

  5. End User Data. Except to the extent necessary to allow end users to access the Amazon Music Service through your Music Products in the manner permitted by this Agreement, you will not process, collect, store, or use for any purpose any information, including without limitation personally identifiable information or personal data (“Personal Information”) pertaining to end users’ use of the Amazon Music Service, including the fact that they use (or have used) the Amazon Music Service or are customers of ours. You will not sell or otherwise disclose any such information to any third party. Upon request by Amazon, you will assist Amazon with any Amazon obligation to respond to individuals’ requests to exercise their rights under applicable data privacy and protection laws, including without limitation by promptly and securely deleting or destroying any Personal Information pertaining to an individual identified by Amazon where such Personal Information is within your possession or control. You will confirm to Amazon in writing that you have complied with your obligations under this section upon request by Amazon. If you fail to comply with a request by Amazon to delete or destroy Personal Information, Amazon will terminate this Agreement immediately upon written notice and will withdraw your certification to use the Amazon Music Program Materials.