Drive discovery and engagement

The Fire TV interface presents your apps in a cinematic experience, offering video trailers and content screenshots to help customers access what they want quickly—without the need to open and close multiple apps. You can drive even deeper engagement and loyalty for your apps by leveraging the “Recommended By Your Apps” row and app notifications. Learn more »

Amazon Fire TV News

07 Nov 17

Amazon Fire TV Goes Worldwide with Fire TV Stick Basic Edition

Fire TV Basic Edition is now available in over 100 countries and territories. Learn more »

27 Sept 17

Introducing the All-New Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and HDR

The newest Amazon Fire TV packs a lot of punch into its portable form factor design. Learn more »

Expand your reach with Fire TV
New screen reader for Fire TV

VoiceView is the new Fire TV screen reader that helps blind and visually impaired customers navigate and discover content, access settings, and control playback in the core Fire TV experience. Learn more »

Monetize your apps and games

Fire TV and Fire TV Stick support the Amazon In-App-Purchasing API so you can offer consumable items, permanently entitled items, and even subscriptions in your app. Learn more »

Integrate your app's media catalog

Catalog integration enables universal search, browse, and deep linking to your media content from within Fire TV. Learn more »