Amazon Music Device API

Explicit Language Filter

Some tracks have metadata on their language content. Such tracks have an isExplicit attribute in their trackDefinitions. Values are of type “string.” The value true indicates the track is explicit and false indicates that it is not explicit (see TrackDefinition. Other playables may also have an isExplicit attribute. It works the same way. The only difference is that a playable may be partially explicit (for example, a station where some tracks are explicit and some are not). In this case, isExplicit can have a value of partial.

The hasExplicit parameter is required in the request header of all API calls, including calls to an event_collector. The value should be either true or false. Note that when the Explicit Language Filter (Parental Control) switch is on, hasExplicit = false needs to be passed in, meaning the result should not contain explicit tracks.

When the explicit language filter is turned on, the recommended way to display music items that are explicit is to gray out the item and show a squared “E” badge at the end of the item (for example, 🅴). When the container is greyed out, it should not be clickable. If it is partially explicit, it is still clickable.

Partners integrating with Amazon Music service must support this feature.