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Select the Rewards

Before you select the rewards for your Moments campaign, make sure you know your CPA and have a clear understanding of the ROI that you expect from the campaign.

To select rewards you need to set your CPA and select the countries where you will be running your campaign. Amazon Moments can deliver rewards to all countries listed in the AmazonGlobal program. Click here for the complete list.

Note: each country that you select is the Amazon Marketplace where your customers will redeem their rewards. For example, US marketplace is and Japan is If you select more than one marketplace you will need to select rewards for each country. There are 13 marketplaces: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Italy, India, Spain, Japan, Mexico, and Rest of World.

You can select Single Items or Catalog Credits for your customers. Catalog Credits are when you give customers Amazon credits towards a sub-category on Amazon such as Headphones, Women Accessories, Educational Toys, or Electronics. Your customers can choose the item they want within the sub-category that is relevant for them. When searching for a reward you will see a Catalog Credits badge on these types of rewards. In the unlikely scenario a reward item goes out of stock, we will provide an alternate reward item of similar value. Expiration dates of rewards are automatically set to 30 days after the campaign end date.

Popular rewards include electronics, toys, and Amazon credit. Run some A/B tests to find the right rewards for your customers.

A free physical item typically performs better than Amazon credit.

We have found that users convert more readily when a complete reward is given, rather than a discount. For example users would prefer to receive a free $25 Fire TV stick rather than $25 off an Echo Dot that is valued at $50. To accommodate a higher priced CPA and reward, we recommend setting an action that is more difficult to complete.

After you select the rewards, your campaign transitions into the pending state.

After your customer clicks their reward URL, they can contact Amazon Customer Support for any issues. If your customers have issues before that, they need to contact your customer support because Amazon Moments has no visibility into the operations of your app or website.