Developer Console

Reporting and Payment

You monetize your app by earning a percentage of the sale price of the products purchased through your app. See Associates Program Advertising Fee Schedule for more information.

The Mobile Associates API allows you to offer for sale in your apps one or more of the millions of products available on Amazon. The products can either be sold directly by Amazon, or by a third party seller on Amazon. For each purchase of a qualifying product, you will earn an advertising fee. Please see the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program Operating Agreement for further details. If you are also seller of record for the product, you will earn revenue from the product sale in addition to the advertising fee.

Earnings and Payment Reports

Earnings and Payment reports for sales through the Mobile Associates API are available in the Amazon Apps & Games Developer Portal. After logging into your account, navigate to Reports. The Earnings report shows you potential earnings accrued on a daily basis. The Payment report, finalized on a monthly basis, shows the revenue earned for your app through the Mobile Associates API.