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Mobile Associates API Overview


With the Mobile Associates API, you can offer physical and digital products, which Amazon sells, from within your app, at a place in your app where it makes sense. Amazon sells millions of products, and you can choose specific items or types of items that makes sense for your app and your brand. Monetization is based on a percent of the sale price of the item. For more information, see the Associates Program Advertising Fee Schedule.

You present the product in a way that makes sense in your app, this API takes care of customer management, purchase flow, and payment processing. Amazon takes care of fulfilling the physical good and customer service.

As an example, in a fitness app, you can show the user fitness-related products that relate to a specific goal, like monitoring heart rate with a heart rate monitor, or a pair of new running shoes once they've reached 500 miles in their current pair.

Customer Experiences

You can provide a link in your app to allow the user to complete their purchase on Amazon.</a>

Android apps integrated with the Mobile Associates API can be distributed through Amazon or non-Amazon Android distribution channels like the Google Play Store. The API features available through Amazon and non-Amazon distribution channels are listed below:

Feature Product Categories Amazon General Android
Direct Linking to Amazon Physical and Digital YES YES

API Description

The Mobile Associates API has three main classes: AssociatesAPI, LinkService, and ShoppingService.


Initializes the API. The class is also used for retrieving singleton LinkService objects and singleton ShoppingService objects. The AssociatesAPI class has the following methods:

Method Description
initialize() Initialize the API.
getLinkService() Retrieves a singleton `LinkService` object. For more information see [Direct Linking](../mobile-associates/mas-direct-linking.html).


Used for Direct Linking to Amazon. The LinkService object has the following methods:

Method Description
Directs users to an Amazon retail page. You can make OpenHomePageRequest, OpenProductPageRequest, or OpenSearchPageRequest requests through openRetailPage().