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Tutorial: Recommendations on Fire TV

Tutorial: "Recommended By Your Apps" on Amazon Fire TV

Mario Viviani Aug 04, 2020
Fire TV How to

Your app can send recommendations to users about the content (movies, shows, music, games) that you want them to watch. Recommendations appear on a "Recommended By Your Apps" row on the Amazon Fire TV home screen.

Recommendations encourage users to engage with your app. By appearing on the Amazon Fire TV home screen, recommendations are visible within the user's regular view. The recommendation cards entice users back into your app with minimal effort.

In this quick overview video, Developer Evangelist Liam Sorta will explain how to build content recommendations on Amazon Fire TV.

For a step by step guide for the integration process as well as some code samples to use in your own projects signup to access the integration handbook.

For more information about “Recommended By Your Apps” visit the Amazon Developer Portal.

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