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The importance of Fire TV to your content strategy

Jeremy Richards Aug 04, 2020
Fire TV

In today’s post, I will quickly walk you through the value of Fire TV, how you can create a free Amazon Developer account, and basic steps to publishing your first app on Fire TV.

Why Fire TV?

Customers are continuing to enjoy streaming media, and Fire TV is the #1 selling streaming media player in the US, UK, Germany, India, and Japan. Fire TV has over 40 million active users globally that can watch a variety of movies and TV episodes with access to tens of thousands of channels, apps, and Alexa skills. Fire TV devices are available in over 100 countries, and customers continue to benefit from a growing Fire TV lineup. We continue to listen to and focus on developers, building the tools and features they need to better serve customers. Fire TV devices are always getting smarter with new Alexa skills, feature improvements, and over-the-air software updates supported by Amazon. Check out our Fire TV overview page to learn more about developing apps and games.

How can you benefit as an Amazon Appstore Developer?

By publishing your app on Fire TV you can reach new audiences and millions of Amazon customers. Also, registering for a developer account is free.

Here’s how you can publish your first app on Fire TV

  1. Create an Amazon Developer account – Before you can publish an app you’ll need to create a developer account.
  2. Start developing your app - Once your developer account is setup you can jump right in to creating your first app.
  3. User experience guidelines – Take a look at our guidelines for creating a great experience for customers.
  4. Prepare your app to publish – Here’s a useful pre-submission checklist to make sure that your app meets all of the Amazon Appstore requirements before publishing.
  5. Test Your App - Here’s a sandbox environment for testing your app before submitting it to production.
  6. Publish your app on Fire TV – You’ve made it to the final stage and are almost ready to publish your app.

Watch a 16 minute video on how to increase discoverability for your content and apps with Amazon Fire TV.

We hope the steps above are helpful in assisting you with developing and publishing your app. For additional information on integrating Fire TV features, check out these other tools and services we have to offer:

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