Submit Your App

Pre-submission checklist

1. App Content Make sure your app meets the Amazon Appstore Content Policy Requirements.

2. App Preparation Follow the tips in Understanding Amazon Appstore Submission to generate the APK files for your app.

3. Images You have created and collected the required images for your app listing, as described in Image Guidelines for Amazon Appstore Submission.

4. Intellectual Property (IP) Documentation If your app uses the intellectual property (IP) of a third party, be prepared to provide documentation to Amazon that you have obtained the proper license or permission to use that IP from the third party.

5. Testing You have tested your app, and your app passes the test cases described in Test Criteria for Amazon Appstore Apps. To learn more about available testing tools, see Testing Your App for the Amazon Appstore.

6. Device Targeting Specify which devices you plan to target with your app in your Android manifest file. See Getting Started with Device Targeting.

7. Installation Location Your Android manifest file specifies the installation location for your app on Fire TV and Fire tablet devices. For most apps, setting this value to External Storage (preferExternal) will provide a better experience for your users. For more information, see Specifying the Installation Location for Your App.

8. Security Profile If your app uses the Amazon Device Messaging API, be prepared to associate your app with a security profile as part of the submission process. See Associate Your App with a Security Profile.

9. Compile Errors If your app references nearly 65,000 methods, you will need to reduce the number of methods referenced to avoid compile errors when submitting your app. See Avoiding Compile Errors when Submitting Your App.

Technical documentation
Submitting to Amazon Appstore

Documentation to start publishing apps and games to the Amazon Appstore.

Targeting Amazon devices with your Android manifest

Ensure that Amazon Fire devices are compatible with your APK.

Taking screenshots on Fire devices

A quick guide to taking screenshots on various fire devices.

International distribution

Whenever you create a new app, it is set to be available in all countries by default. Read more in Distributing Your App Internationally and this blog post.

App updates

Save time updating your apps by using the Submission API to automate the submission of new app versions or streamline frequently performed operations. You can also limit the radius of impact when you introduce upgrades to your app with Staged Rollouts.