Submit Your Apps and Games

Publish your apps and games on the Amazon Appstore.
Why Amazon?

App submission for Android apps and games is easy - 85% of submitted apps just work when they are submitted to the Amazon Appstore, with no additional modification. Also, because Fire OS is based on Android, the apps and games you publish will be available on millions of Fire tablets, Amazon Fire TVs, and Android devices in 236 countries and territories. What's more, we offer unique monetization opportunities, including Merch by Amazon, which allows you to design and sell branded t-shirts without any upfront costs. For more information, check out our free developer guide to publishing, promoting, and making money with your apps and games.

Before you can submit an app, you must register for a free developer account. If you have questions about the user permissions for your developer account, see Setting User Permissions for the Amazon Appstore.

Submit an Android app

See the following topics to get started with submitting an Android app to the Amazon Appstore:

  1. Review the Amazon Appstore Presubmission Checklist, and make sure that your app meets the specified requirements and guidelines.

  2. Pre-test your app and see if it passes. Address any failures before submitting your app.

  3. Follow the instructions on the Submitting apps to the Amazon Appstore page to publish your app.

Submit an HTML5/Web app

To get started with submitting an HTML5/Web app, see the following topics:

  1. To learn more about Amazon's Web app tools and to download the Web app SDK, see our Web app overview.

  2. Read our Web app documentation to setup your Web app environment.

  3. Visit our Web app publishing FAQs for more information about testing and submitting your apps.

  4. For tips and tricks on how to test, submit, and earn revenue with your HTML5/Web app, watch our getting started video.

Sell Mac & PC games and software

In addition to HTML5 mobile apps and mobile apps for Android (including Kindle Fire), you can submit your PC and Mac digital software and video games to be sold on Amazon. Read the following topics to learn more:

  1. For a quick tutorial on submitting PC and Mac digital software and video games to our distribution portal, read our blog post.

  2. Visit our PC and Mac software submission FAQs for more information about testing and submitting your software and games.

Amazon Appstore documentation

Documentation to start publishing apps and games to the Amazon Appstore.

Targeting Amazon devices with your Android manifest

Ensure that Amazon Fire devices are compatible with your APK.

Taking screenshots on Fire devices

A quick guide to taking screenshots on various fire devices.

International distribution

Whenever you create a new app, it is set to be available in all countries by default. Read more in the Submission: International Distribution FAQs and this blog post.