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How to Increase App Monetization | Amazon Moments

Increase Monetization

Improve spending across your customer base

You can grow revenue by increasing the amount each user spends in your product. Use Moments to upsell customers to premium products or encourage subscription upgrades. Highlight unique customer experiences like goal completions with physical and digital rewards to build deeper engagement.


Net revenue increase for PerBlue, Disney Heroes Battle Mode


First-time payer conversion rate increase for CookApps, Toy Party

Campaign ideas

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Drive first-time payers

Identify pinch points or high friction experiences in your app and use a compelling reward to convert your users into payers. These pinch points can be difficulty levels, limited time events, and new app features.

Multiple purchases

Motivate multiple purchases

Delight your customers with monthly events, goals or competitions that are rewarded with physical or digital items or Amazon credit that can be spent on any item sold by Amazon. This will drive deeper engagement and long-term monetization for your app.

Money in hat

Encourage larger spend

For subscription-based apps, you can increase the length of their subscription (e.g. from 1 month to 3 months, or month-to-month to annual) by rewarding a physical or digital item for the longer package. For IAP apps, offer payers a reward for buying a higher priced IAP (e.g. if they historically buy $25 IAPs, offer a $10 reward for buying a $50 IAP.)

Industry examples



Encourage your users to upgrade from the basic subscription to the premium subscription by offering rewards.



Win back payers through retargeting ads that highlight IAP sales with physical items.


Social and dating

Make boost and coin purchases more enticing with real world rewards.



Encourage your users to upgrade from mid-season subscriptions to year-long subscriptions the following year by offering rewards.


Food and drink

Motivate repeat restaurant deliveries with digital rewards like movies and TV shows.


Health and fitness

Convert free trial user to the premium subscription by offering fitness items.

Success story


Toy Party

CookApps was interested in testing whether real-world rewards would provide strong motivation to users and increase engagement. However, due to geographical limitations with reward fulfillment (CookApps is based in Korea while most of their users are in the US), testing real-world rewards was not feasible. Learn how Amazon Moments campaigns provided the perfect solution for their game Toy Party. Click here to read the success story »