Developer Console

Amazon Dash Replenishment – Referral Fees Schedule

The following Referral Fees Schedule applies to DRS Eligible Purchases under the Amazon Dash Replenishment Schedule to the Amazon Developer Services Agreement (the “Agreement”). Capitalized terms used, but not defined, in this Referral Fees Schedule have the meanings given in the Agreement.

  1. Referral Fees. The DRS Referral Fee equals the referral fee percentage set forth below multiplied by the amount actually received by us for that DRS Eligible Purchase, excluding any taxes (e.g., sales tax and VAT), shipping charges, handling fees, gift-wrapping fees, service charges, other separately stated charges or fees, rebates, payment processing fees, and bad debt.

    1. Automatic Orders. For DRS Eligible Purchases automatically initiated via the DRS Service for end users enrolled in the DRS Service (such DRS Eligible Purchases, “DRS Automatic Orders”), the referral fee percentage is 1%.

    2. Notification Orders. For DRS Eligible Purchases that meet all of the following requirements (such DRS Eligible Purchases, “DRS Notification Orders”), the referral fee percentage is 1%:

      1. an end user clicks through a link in a low inventory notification (such link, a “DRS Notification Link”) sent by us to the end user; and

      2. during a single session, which is measured as beginning when an end user clicks through a DRS Notification Link and ending upon the first to occur of the following: (x) 24 hours elapse from that click, (y) the end user places an order for a product, or (z) the end user clicks through another special “tagged” link to an Amazon site;

      3. the end user purchases either (1) the “recommended” DRS Eligible Consumable linked to by a DRS Notification Link or (2) a DRS Eligible Consumable from the search results linked to by a DRS Notification Link:

        1. via our 1-Click feature, or
        2. by adding such DRS Eligible Consumable to his or her shopping cart and completing the order for that DRS Eligible Consumable no later than 89 days after their initial click-through of the DRS Notification Link, and

      4. the DRS Eligible Consumable is shipped to and paid for by the end user.

  2. Special Offers and Promotions. From time to time, we may run special or limited time offers or promotions under which you may earn additional DRS Referral Fees. We have no obligation to run any special or limited time offers or promotions, or to continue any of the foregoing once begun. We are currently offering the following additional DRS Referral Fees:

    1. First Purchase Bounty. A one-time payment equal to USD 2 that we pay you for the first DRS Eligible Purchase by DRS Automatic Order from each of your DRS Products. Amazon will determine in its sole discretion, in each case, whether a First Purchase Bounty eligible event has occurred.