Alexa Connect Kit Program Requirements

These Program Requirements are part of the Amazon Developer Services Agreement (the " Agreement ") available here. Capitalized terms used, but not defined, in these Program Requirements have the meanings given in the Agreement. You must ensure that you and all of your ACK Products and ACK Modules (if you are using ACK Materials to develop or distribute ACK Modules) comply with these Program Requirements at all times. These Program Requirements will continue to apply for as long as you are accessing or using the ACK Program or ACK Materials.

  1. General Product Requirements. You must comply with the Alexa Device Requirements currently available here.

  2. ACK Program Requirements. You agree that in connection with your (and your ACK Products’ and, if applicable, ACK Modules’) use of the ACK Program:

    1. your ACK Products and ACK Modules must be capable of receiving over-the-air updates that allow for authorized software updates to be securely distributed;

    2. you will promptly (and in any event within any timeframes we expressly specify) update your ACK Products and ACK Modules with any updates we require to any ACK Materials incorporated into your ACK Products or ACK Modules and you will enable and not prevent or interfere with any over-the-air updates we require to such ACK Materials;

    3. you will not use the ACK Program for the purpose of monitoring, and will not monitor, the availability, performance, or functionality of any of Amazon’s products or services;

    4. you will be solely responsible for determining and complying with any applicable legal, regulatory or policy restrictions or requirements related to your ACK Products or ACK Modules or the design, manufacturing, marketing, offer for sale, sale, distribution, use, and operation thereof, including without limitation U.S. or any other applicable export control and trade laws;

    5. you will not (i) misrepresent your identity or the origin of your ACK Products or ACK Modules, (ii) mask your usage in connection with your use of the ACK Program, or (iii) provide your developer credentials to any third party;

    6. you will not charge any additional fees to any end user for access to or use of ACK Materials or the ACK Program (e.g., subscription fees for the ACK Program) or any portion thereof, beyond what you charge for your ACK Products or ACK Modules;

    7. you may not use the ACK Program for any activity where the use or failure of the ACK Program could lead to death, injury, or property damage;

    8. you must implement reasonable security measures to ensure that no third party may gain unauthorized access to the ACK Program, the Alexa Service, any ACK Materials, or any content, data, or other information transmitted via any ACK Product or ACK Module;

    9. you will not facilitate or provide access to the ACK Program through any means other than through the authentication methods we specify, and you will not disable, circumvent or avoid any security device, mechanism or protocol of the ACK Program; and

    10. you will promptly, but in any event within 72 hours, notify Amazon if you learn of or suspect: (i) any unauthorized or illegal access to or use or copying of ACK Materials via an ACK Module; (ii) that any security or protection feature of any ACK Materials has been (or is reasonably likely to be) circumvented or defeated; (iii) any unauthorized or illegal access to, or use of, any data transmitted via an ACK Product or ACK Module; or (iii) any vulnerability that is reasonably likely to impact the data security or integrity of any ACK Module (each a “Security Failure”). If you learn of or suspect any Security Failure, or Amazon notifies you of any Security Failure, you will immediately take reasonable steps, but no less than industry standard, to remedy that Security Failure. Without limiting the foregoing, if necessary or appropriate to remedy the applicable Security Failure, you will use reasonable efforts to develop and make available updated firmware or other software to all affected ACK Modules, and must initiate such action within 14 days of Amazon designating a Security Failure as “critical”.

  3. Branding Requirements. Your ACK Products and ACK Modules must not have a product name, domain name, logo or any other branding that includes, is a variant of, or is confusingly similar to “Alexa”, “Echo”, “Amazon”, or another Amazon trademark or logo. Your ACK Products must not have a form factor or design that is confusingly similar to Amazon devices, including the Amazon Echo family of devices.

  4. Approval of your ACK Product. We may require you to submit your ACK Products to us for review and approval in connection with any proposed or actual distribution of (or otherwise making available use of) your ACK Products to any customers or end users.

  5. Approved Territories. Unless otherwise approved by us in writing, you may not distribute, sell, or market for sale ACK Products outside of the following territories:

    • Australia

    • Brazil

    • Canada

    • France

    • Germany

    • Italy

    • Japan

    • Mexico

    • Spain

    • United States

    • United Kingdom

  6. Additional Requirements for Developing or Distributing ACK Modules. The terms of this Section 6 apply only if you are using ACK Materials to develop or distribute ACK Modules:

    1. In addition to complying with the terms and conditions of the Program Materials License, you agree that (i) you will not demonstrate or distribute any ACK Module integrating ACK Materials (including any previously approved ACK Module you modify) unless (A) you have tested and confirmed that the ACK Module complies with any performance criteria provided by Amazon, (B) you have provided Amazon a description of, and specifications for, the ACK Module and documentation and results for the performance testing you performed sufficient to allow Amazon to verify such compliance, (C) you have delivered to Amazon upon Amazon’s request any ACK Module for which you are seeking approval hereunder, and (D) you have received our prior written approval; (ii) you will stop demonstrating and distributing any ACK Module immediately upon request from Amazon; and (iii) you will not modify any source code in any file in ACK Materials with the exception of files identified as "Modifiable" within the file header.

    2. You may only distribute ACK Modules to third parties Amazon has approved. You will stop distributing ACK Modules to a particular third party immediately upon request from Amazon.

    3. You will display or otherwise provide to end users, and not otherwise remove, modify or obscure, any attributions, copyright information and other notices, terms and conditions that we may provide to you or that you may be required to provide to end users including based on your use of third party "open source" software or other third party intellectual property in any of your ACK Modules.

    4. At a minimum you will, with respect to any ACK Module: (i) employ industry standard practices with respect to data security and integrity; and (ii) implement the security measures required by Amazon.

    5. You will be responsible for technical support with respect to any ACK Module you distribute. Starting from your first delivery of an ACK Module to any third party until two years after your last delivery of such ACK Module to any third party, you will (i) maintain the ability, resources, and materials necessary to provide repair support to third parties who purchase such ACK Module; (ii) keep such ACK Module updated with the latest version of the ACK Materials; and (iii) test updates to the ACK Materials against such ACK Module to ensure they work.

    6. You agree to notify Amazon at least 90 days in advance of ceasing production of any ACK Module. In the event of such cessation of production, you will cooperate with Amazon to develop a wind-down plan and schedule to facilitate the orderly and seamless transition and migration of ACK Module production activities to another third party designated by Amazon.