Amazon Incentives API

Use the value of Amazon as a gift, incentive or reward through our Incentives API - a simple, secure API that allows you to request individual Amazon Gift Codes.

What is the Amazon Incentives API?

The Amazon Incentives API allows you, via an Amazon Gift Code, to bring the customer-centric experience of Amazon – value, selection, speed and service – to your customers, employees and partners on demand. It enables behavior-changing incentives at a touch of a button. Organizations of all sizes use the Amazon Incentives API to distribute Amazon Gift Codes for a variety of purposes, from consumer incentives to payment disbursement, and at almost any denomination. Best of all, signup and implementation come at no charge and with full technical and administrative support from the Amazon Incentives team. Plus, Amazon Gift Codes have no fees and never expire.

Benefits of the Amazon Incentives API

Amazon Incentives API is focused on how on-demand incentives, gifts and rewards can improve customers’ lives — from research incentives to employee gifts and partner rewards. Benefits include:

  • Instant gratification. Gift code recipients can shop on Amazon immediately upon receipt or activation.
  • Eliminate inventory management and improve security. Organizations can purchase Amazon Gift Codes on an as-needed basis enabling the reduction of operational costs.
  • Improved operational efficiency. Integrate with ordering, e-commerce, POS, and points-based loyalty and employee incentive systems, eliminating the need for staff to manually order, manage and deliver gift cards or codes.
  • On-demand display and printing options. Amazon Gift Codes can be displayed on a website or mobile device in real time or printed on almost any medium and in any denomination.

Why work with the Amazon Incentives API?

Amazon Incentives API is available with a simple registration process and the support of the Amazon Incentives team during the technical implementation. Full service support, from account setup to technical integration and order processing, is provided at no charge.

The Amazon Incentives API uses a standard Amazon Web Services architecture that lets partners and third-party developers make web calls to Amazon’s proprietary gift code issuance technology. A simple, secure API allows you to request individual gift codes and receive them quickly. Gift codes can then be immediately distributed in almost any format. You can also view your account balance and pull a history of API transactions to keep track of your orders.