Amazon Mobile Associates API Overview


Amazon Mobile Associates API allows you to offer physical and digital products sold by Amazon within your app experience. Apps integrated with the Mobile Associates API can be distributed through any Android store as long as the same app is offered through Amazon. It is a new monetization mechanism for your app. You present the product offer in a manner appropriate for your app, the API handles the complexities related to customer management, purchase flow, and payment processing, and Amazon handles the physical goods fulfillment and any potential customer service issues.

With it, you can present to the user contextualized shopping experience. You can choose from millions of products available on Amazon, and you can promote specific items or classes of items as they relate to your app and brand. You monetize based on a percentage of the sale price of the item a customer purchases through your app. See the Associates Program Advertising Fee Schedule for more information.

For example, let's say you have a fitness app, and track your users' progress towards their fitness goal. You can present to the user specific fitness-related products that relate to a specific goal (e.g. a heart rate monitor so the user knows they are in their target range for an activity) or a class of products that relate to an overall objective (e.g. an offer of new running shoes once they have logged 500 miles with your app). If you app is distributed through Amazon, you can even unlock functionality or make available a virtual digital item within the app (e.g. unlocking fitness monitor integration with the purchase of the corresponding physical product).

API Feature Set

You can implement four basic features with the API:

  1. Direct Linking to Amazon: Direct users to Amazon mobile-optimized home page, product page or search result page. Users will have to the option to discover and purchase related items.

  2. In-App Product Detail and In-App Preview: Present product offer to users through In-App product detail page or In-App product preview popover. To complete the purchase, users will be directed to the Amazon mobile-optimized product page. They will have the option to discover and purchase related items.

  3. In-App Shopping Experience: Provide a complete In-App purchase experience. You can present product offer in your app's native look and feel. Users will complete the purchase without leaving your app through the In-App product detail page.

  4. Digital Bundling: Reward customers by granting a virtual digital item in your app with the purchase of a physical product.

Android Apps integrated with the Mobile Associates API can be distributed through Amazon or non-Amazon Android distribution channels (e.g Google Play Store). The API features available through Amazon and non-Amazon distribution channels are listed in the following table:

App Distribution Channel
Feature Product Categories Amazon Appstore for Android General Android (Google Play etc.)
Direct Linking to Amazon Physical and Digital YES YES
In-App Product Detail Page Physical and Digital YES YES
In-App Product Preview Popover Physical and Digital YES YES
In-App Shopping Experience Physical Only YES NO
Digital Bundling (Available with In-App Shopping Experience) Physical Only YES NO

The API Itself

The Mobile Associates API has three main classes

  1. AssociatesAPI

    Used for initializing the API. The class is also used for retrieving LinkService and ShoppingService singleton objects. The AssociatesAPI class has the following methods:
  2. Method Description
    initialize(..) Used for initializing the API
    getLinkService() Used for retrieving LinkService singleton object
    getShoppingService(..) Used for retrieving Shopping Service singleton object

  3. LinkService

    Used for Direct Linking to Amazon. LinkService has the following methods:
  4. Method Description
    openRetailPage(..) Used for directing users to an Amazon retail page. You can make one of the following requests through openRetailPage: OpenHomePageRequest, OpenProductPageRequest, or OpenSearchPageRequest

  5. ShoppingService

    Used for providing In-App product detail page, In-App product preview, and In-App Shopping experiences. This class is also used for implementing Digital Bundling feature. ShoppingService has the following methods:
  6. Method Description
    getServiceStatus() Used to retrieve the available capabilities of ShoppingService
    setListener(..) Used for registering the ShoppingListener to receive callbacks
    searchById(..) Used for checking product availability and retrieving product information that includes title, description, price, image url, and rating by specifying product ID. Available for physical products and if the app is distributed through Amazon
    search(..) Used for searching for product using keyword and category in the Amazon product catalog. Retrieves search results with product information that includes product ID, title, description, price, image url, and rating. Available for physical products and if the app is distributed through Amazon
    purchase(..) Used for initiating the purchase sequence by launching product detail page or product preview popover
    getReceipts(..) Retrieves receipts for successful purchases. Available for physical products and if the app is distributed through Amazon

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