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Publish Web Apps for Fire TV, Fire Phone, and Fire Tablets

Amazon Fire TV, including both the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, now supports HTML5 web apps. The Web App Starter Kit for Fire TV is a new open source project intended to help developers get up to speed quickly to create a simple media-oriented app for this exciting new web platform. Features of the project include an example user interface designed for the 10 foot user experience, support for the Fire TV remote control, and sample components developers can use to create and customize their own media app. You can find this project on its GitHub project page here: https://github.com/amzn/web-app-starter-kit-for-fire-tv.

HTML5 web apps are also supported by Fire phone and Fire Tablets, making web apps available to customers across TV, phone and tablet platforms to scale the reach of your HTML5 content where your customers are. With Fire phone, you can build applications that take advantage of the innovative Dynamic Perspective user interface, app widgets and one-handed shortcuts like tilt and peek.

Distribute your web apps and HTML5 mobile-optimized sites to millions of Amazon Appstore customers in more than 200 countries across the globe and earn revenue using Amazon’s In-App Purchasing API for JavaScript. 

Amazon Appstore Now Accepting Packaged HTML5 Web Apps

Amazon Mobile App Distribution program now enables you to distribute Packaged HTML5 web apps. You can now submit a zip file containing the resources for your web apps and have Amazon offer that app across mobile devices to reach millions of Appstore customers in 235 countries around the globe. You can now build apps without having to worry about operational and hosting costs and can take advantage of the fast startup performance and offline functionality previously available only to native apps.

Get started by testing your packaged web app using the updated Web App Tester. For more details on publishing an Packaged HTML5 Web App for Fire phone, click here.

Fast Performance on Fire Tablets

You can build apps for the Fire tablets using open web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS, leveraging Amazon's GPU-accelerated web app runtime for seamless performance. Take a look at our video interview with the Tre Sensa, an NYC based game development and distribution company that optimizes games for the mobile web. In this video, TreSensa talks about their business and the importance of HTML5 in their goal of delivering apps to as many screens as possible:

Responsive Web Design

Amazon Web Apps take advantage of responsive web design and run your existing mobile website as an app. Since the web app is based on your existing code, any changes to your mobile website are automatically reflected in the Amazon Web App. There is no longer a need to create a separate mobile application with separate content from your website.

App Testing

Through the Amazon Appstore, Amazon provides a Web App Tester application that is installed on Fire tablets and Android devices. The Web App Tester allows you to run your mobile website as an application, in real time, while coding and debugging. There’s no need to compile or create a new application. You simply enter your website URL in the Web App Tester, and Amazon builds an app around it. Because web apps are also based on the popular open source Chromium project, you can utilize the same Chrome Dev Tools you use for your existing websites today to debug against a Fire tablet or Android device.

Download the Web App Tester and start testing your websites.

Download Web App SDK

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