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The Amazon Fling SDK is a cross-platform toolkit that enables mobile developers to build rich multi-screen experiences with Amazon Fire TV. The SDK allows sending video, audio and images from iOS, Android or Fire OS mobile apps to Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. With our SDK, you can “fling” media content to Amazon Fire TV and leverage two-way communication between Amazon Fire TV and mobile apps to create engaging second screen experiences.

If you already have an Amazon Fire TV app, Fling provides both playback control and a synced “X-ray” type of experience. Additional services include Remote Install for users to remotely find and trigger Fire TV app installations and Unity support for smart game controller, which provides remote control from mobile device ideal for games and social experiences. For these new second screen scenarios, the core experience is provided in your Fire TV app, using the mobile device as a smart companion accessory.

Quickly Get Your Content on Amazon Fire TV

The SDK is flexible, open and provides a new way to get your app on Amazon Fire TV. You can easily convert existing casting app to fling content to Amazon Fire TV. The SDK is designed to simplify the process of dealing with underlying network discovery and communication technologies that connect apps to TV. The SDK offers a standardized way to communicate between your apps over a local network allowing you to focus on building new and unique user experiences.

Customer Experience with Your App

When customers are using your app on the iOS, Android or Fire device, they’ll see the Amazon Fling icon appear in your app. They can touch the icon and then send your content to their Amazon Fire TV. You don’t need to explain how to fling your content. The entire experience happens within the app, making it intuitive for your customers. Customers can start the experience from mobile and then later control the playback with both your app and their Amazon Fire TV remote – whichever is most convenient.


It’s Easy to Get Started

Whether you already support casting from your app, or you want to add it for the first time, we recommend you review the following materials in this order:

If you already have an Amazon Fire TV app, learn how to integrate the receiver SDK that will enable people to discover, remotely install (if needed) and control your Amazon Fire TV app while flinging media content to your media player.

Spotlight: Developers Leveraging the SDK

Here are some great examples of how developers are already leveraging the Amazon Fling SDK in their own apps:

Karaoke Party by Red Karaoke, one of the first karaoke smartphone apps in the market, is leveraging the SDK to display song lyrics and videos on Amazon Fire TV. Additionally, Red Karaoke uses the SDK to send audio from the microphone on the customer’s device to the TV. Customers can now have a true Karaoke experience in their living room.

Rivet Radio, a digital news radio broadcaster, allows people to listen to news on the TV. By leveraging Amazon Fire TV’s built in media playback receiver, Rivet Radio lets listeners easily transition between listening on their personal device to sharing content with everyone in the living room.


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