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Mobile Ads for iOS

Earn more revenue with premium-quality ads for your iOS apps


The Amazon Mobile Ads API for iOS allows you to easily place high-quality display ads from the Amazon Mobile Ad Network in your app. The Amazon Mobile Ad Network can help you better monetize your apps and gain exclusive access to interest-based ads from brand advertisers, including Amazon and its subsidiaries.

The Amazon Mobile Ads iOS API is an objective-c framework library for phones and tablets running on the iOS platform. 

How to Get Started

  1. Sign in to your Amazon Apps & Games Developer Portal account. If you do not already have one, you will be prompted to create an account.
  2. Submit your payment and tax information*. (Skip this step if you have already submitted this information)
  3. Get an Application Key by navigating to the ‘Mobile Ads’ tab under ‘APPS & SERVICES’ and clicking on “Register New iOS App”.
  4. Download and integrate the Amazon Mobile Ads iOS API. You can quickly add a new ad placement to an existing app by following the steps in the Quick Start Guide. To maximize your eCPM, please ensure that you provide the Amazon Mobile Ad Network the first look and then fallback to other ad networks when ads are not available; you can see an example of how this can be done on the Using Mobile Ads API with Mediation SDKs page
  5. Verify that the ad placement is working correctly by following the Developer Launch Checklist.
  6. Submit your app to Apple using iTunes Connect. See the Submitting Your App page for details.

*If you are performing services for the Amazon Mobile Ad Network outside of the US, please complete the Amazon Services Statement so we report your tax obligations accurately, and do not unnecessarily withhold taxes we are required to collect from developers who perform services in the US. (This form is not found in the tax interview we link to above.)