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Monetization made easy

The In-App Purchasing API makes it easy for you to offer digital content and subscriptions—such as in-game currency, expansion packs, upgrades, magazine issues and more—for purchase within your apps. Within minutes you can be up and running, ready to give millions of Amazon customers the ability to purchase engaging digital content using their Amazon 1-Click settings.

With In-App Purchasing API, you can enable compelling feature sets and scenarios such as:

  • Creating a "freemium" model for your app where the app itself is free but you charge a premium for advanced services or functionality
  • Allowing customers to purchase in-app currency directly within your app experience
  • Allowing customers to subscribe to content available within your app
  • Making content available for purchase to be viewed within your app

In-App Purchasing API allows your app to present, process, and fulfill purchases of digital content and subscriptions within your app experience. To enable this feature set, simply implement In-App Purchasing API as described in validating transactions. Verify your implementation of the API by using the App Testing Service.

In-App Purchasing API is designed to encapsulate the complexity behind the purchase process while providing a fully featured API. The In-App Purchasing API will handle the details about purchase flow, payment processing, providing a receipt to your app, and managing rights to the purchasable content.

Once you build a storefront, you can use In-App Purchasing API to vend purchasable items.

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