Alexa Smart Screen and TV Device SDK

Create Delightful Screen-Based Devices with Alexa

Alexa Smart Screen and TV Device SDK

The Alexa Voice Service enables device makers to build screen-based products that complement Alexa voice responses with rich visuals. The new Alexa Smart Screen and TV Device SDK enables you to bring feature-rich and differentiated products to market with flexible customer experience options for a variety of devices including ambient screens, smart displays, tablets, televisions, and more. The Alexa Smart Screen and TV Device SDK is available for Android and Linux platforms.


How it Works

Simple Integration

Available for Android and Linux platforms – leverage the precompiled Android PacKage (APK) or use the C++-based Linux SDK to create screen-based Alexa built-in products with minimal software development effort.

Flexible Customer Experience

Flexible integration options so you can choose the best customer experience for your specific device type. Use embedded mic arrays, Bluetooth audio docks, or work with companion Alexa devices.

Rich Interactive Visuals

Bring rich interactive visual experiences to your devices with support for Alexa Presentation Language (APL) skills and leverage multiple screen modalities including ‘Show Mode’ for tablets and optimized layouts for TVs.

Fully Featured Alexa with Rich Interactive Visuals



Lenovo Smart Tab

Lenovo used the Alexa Smart Screen and TV Device SDK for Android to build the Lenovo Smart Tab, a new line of voice-activated tablet solutions that feature Alexa built-in and ‘Show Mode’ for a more visual, immersive Alexa experience. The Smart Tabs will enhance the way customers interact with their music, control smart home devices, and more.

Sony Smart TV

Coming Soon: Sony and Amazon collaborated to use the Alexa Smart Screen and TV Device SDK for Android to bring audio and visual experiences to select Sony Smart TV models that work with companion Alexa devices, like the Amazon Echo. Customers can talk to Alexa through the Echo and see visual responses on the TV for music and camera feeds.



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