Maps API v2

Add interactive 3D maps, graphics, and custom overlays to your Fire tablet apps
amazon maps

Unlock features with Amazon Maps API v2

Take advantage of the following features and tools:

  • Display high-quality 3D vector maps with fluid zooming and panning
  • Display standard, hybrid, and satellite map tiles
  • Use fragments
  • Display location data
  • Handle user interaction with the map
  • Add markers to show a specific locations on the map
  • Draw polylines to connect two or more locations
  • Draw polygons to highlight a neighborhood or circle an area

The Maps v2 API is supported on Fire Tablets (3rd generation and later) and devices running Fire OS 4.5 or later. Earlier tablets do not support the Maps API v2.

Amazon Maps API v2 offers API parity

Developers using Google Maps API v2 in their Android applications can easily port their apps to the Amazon Appstore in four simple steps (detailed documentation):

amazon maps step 1

Add a reference to the Amazon Maps API v2 Library

amazon maps step 2

Update your Android manifest to declare the Fire OS API level and reference Amazon Maps API v2

amazon maps step 3

Rename Google specific namespaces and classes to their Amazon equivalent

amazon maps step 4

Remove your project's existing dependency on the Google Play services library

All existing applications using Amazon Maps API v1 will continue to be supported. Amazon Maps API v1 is available on 2nd generation Fire tablets and higher. We recommend upgrading to Amazon Maps API v2 to benefit from the new features and tools, as well as from the resulting richer mapping experience for your app users.