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Alexa Skills Kit (ASK)

Teach Alexa new skills

Amazon Echo

Use the Alexa Skills Kit to add voice capabilities to Echo

In-App Purchasing

Sell digital content and subscriptions from within your apps

Submit Your Mobile App

Most Android apps just work

Alexa Voice Service (AVS)

Bring voice capabilities to your connected device

Amazon Fire TV

Take your Android or HTML5/Web apps to Fire TV

Mobile Ads

Monetize your apps across platforms

Mobile App SDK

Access to APIs for your mobile app

Android and Fire OS

Porting your app is easy

Fire Tablets

Publish apps for Amazon's best-selling Fire Tablets

Mobile Associates

Offer physical and digital products in your apps

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  • Developer Spotlight: Soundtracker

    South Ventures USA created the Soundtracker app and published it to the Amazon Appstore at the same time as they published the app to other stores. Sountracker helps people connect by making it easy to discover and play music in real time with friends and others nearby. The team has integrated Amazon Maps, In-App Purchasing, Devices Messaging, and Mobile Ads to improve monetization.

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