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Business Resources

Alexa Built-in devices can receive the Alexa Built-in badge to show they deliver high-quality Alexa experiences, and become eligible for exclusive marketing opportunities with Amazon.


Why Join the Alexa Built-in Badging Program?

Increase Customer Confidence

The Alexa Built-in badge shows customers that your device is certified to deliver a high-quality Alexa experience.

Access Exclusive Marketing Opportunities

Amazon offers numerous ways to increase exposure for your devices with Alexa built-in to the millions of customers who shop on every day.

Brands Growing Their Business Through the Alexa Built-in Badging Program

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Alexa Built-in Badging Program Marketing Opportunities

Amazon offers numerous ways to increase your Alexa Built-in devices’ exposure to the millions of customers who shop on every day. 

Alexa Built-in Storefront on

We regularly add products that launch with the Alexa Voice Service to our Alexa Built-in Storefront on Throughout the year, we drive traffic to the Storefront, increasing visibility for your product and surfacing it to customers shopping for Alexa experiences.

A+ Detail Page on

A+ detail pages have been shown to increase sales by an average of 11%. You can enhance your detail page with A+ content to add additional product information, branded content, and images that highlight your product’s benefits.

Amazon Vine Program

Amazon Vine allows you to submit your products with Alexa Built-in for review by trusted Amazon customer reviewers prior to launch.

Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) enables you to reach new customers through targeted, performance-based marketing solutions on, increasing visibility for your product.

Participation in Promotions

Certified Alexa Built-in devices are eligible for participation in a variety of promotional opportunities that increase visibility and potential sales, including Best Deals, and Lightning Deals. You can align price promotions to major events, such as Prime Day and Alexa’s Birthday.


Get Started: Certify Your Device

You can work with a local Authorized Test Lab to test your device or perform self-testing. After your device successfully completes the testing and certification process, it will be approved for launch and will advance to the eligibility verification phase of the Alexa Built-in badging program.

Authorized Test Labs

Authorized Test Labs simplify and accelerate certification testing of your devices by providing local testing support and submit your device to Amazon for final certification.


You can also perform your own tests in a self-created lab before submitting your device to Amazon for certification.

Solution Providers

Many Solution Providers offer certification testing as part of their development services. 


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