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Make Money and Reach More Customers with Alexa Skills

Voice technology is changing the way people interact with the world, and now is the time to get in and build a voice business. With Alexa skills, you can reach new customers across the globe through more than 100 million Alexa-enabled devices. You can also make money through Alexa skills by selling digital products using in-skill purchasing (ISP) or physical goods and services with Amazon Pay.

Hear what entrepreneur Mark Cuban has to say about the opportunity presented by Alexa—and why developers, brands, and entrepreneurs should invest in building for voice now. 

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Make Money

You can make money directly from your Alexa skills. Sell digital products to customers, offer physical goods and services, or get paid for building some of the most engaging skills in eligible categories.

In-Skill Purchasing

Offer premium digital content.

Amazon Pay

Sell physical goods and services.

Alexa Developer Rewards

Get rewarded for building engaging skills.

Case Studies

Hear from developers who are making money with Alexa skills.

Steven Arkonovich - Big Sky

Akonovich personalized his Alexa skill and boosted his business with in-skill purchasing.

Volley - Yes Sire and Song Quiz

In-skill purchasing is taking Volley’s thriving voice business to the next level.

Featured Skills

Get inspired by skills that are already making money and inventing the future of premium voice content.

Question of the Day

Subscribe to the trivia club and get access to all the additional premium game packs. Plus, receive three additional challenge questions each day and compete on local, state and national leaderboards.

Escape the Room

Purchase additional hints to help solve the clues and help you Escape the Room!

TuneIn Live

TuneIn Live brings you the best collection of thousands of live sporting events and premium news stations with a premium subscription and 14 day free trial.

Ambient Noise

With a premium subscription, Ambient Noise customers can mix sounds together, unlock premium sound quality tracks, plus enjoy enhanced looping to listen longer.

Reach More Customers

Customers use Alexa in the home, on the go, and through multiple device types—including the Echo family of devices, Fire TV, Fire Tablet, and third-party devices with Alexa built-in. By building Alexa skills, you can reach new customers and make it easy for them to interact with you anywhere they go.

Case Studies

Hear from agencies that are helping brands reach more customers with Alexa.


Vocala is a voice design studio with a portfolio that includes popular TV shows such as Deal or No Deal, Pointless, and Tenable.

Hi Mum! Said Dad

Hi Mum! Said Dad, a digital product and innovation consultancy, has built skills including BBC Good Food and WaterAid Voices.

Build Skills to Reach Customers

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