• 屋内や屋外で使えて、Alexa Voice Serviceの能力が発揮されるハードウェア製品。
  • Alexa Skills Kitを通してAlexaの使えるデバイスに新しい機能をもたらすスキル。
  • 音声技術に関する科学技術への新たな貢献 (音声合成、自然言語理解、自動音声認識、人工知能、ハードウェアコンポーネント設計など)。

是非、皆様のお話をお聞かせください。ファンドの基準を満たしている場合は、私共からご連絡差し上げたうえで詳細をお知らせいたします。また、お申し込みいただく前に、 Alexa Skills KitAlexa Voice Service をご確認いただくことをお勧めしております。


The Alexa Fund is open to companies that have innovative products or services that use voice technology to improve customers’ lives — from early-stage pre-revenue companies that are just starting out, to established brands. Areas of particular interest include:

  • Hardware products for inside the home, outside the home, or on-the-go that would benefit from the Alexa Voice Service.
  • Skills that deliver new abilities to Alexa-enabled devices through the Alexa Skills Kit.
  • New contributions to the science behind voice technology, including text to speech, natural language understanding, automatic speech recognition, artificial intelligence and hardware component design.

Now tell us about you and your company. If there's a good fit with what we're looking for, we'll be in touch to discuss the details. We encourage you to check out the Alexa Skills Kit and Alexa Voice Service prior to applying.