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Attribution Tracking

You can use attribution tracking to find out which users saw the Moments campaign and which of those users participated in the campaign.

Attribution systems, such as Appsflyer or Kochava, provide an API or SDK for your app to report events. You need to invoke the relevant SDK methods from your app to notify the attribution system of the events that you are tracking.

For example, we recommend that you send a notification:

  • each time you display reward information to a user.
  • each time you send a reward URL to a user.

Follow the directions in the SDK documentation that is provided by the attribution system.

We recommend that you send the following information when you report the event to the attribution system:

  • Device ID
  • App ID
  • Campaign ID

To ensure that you have the data to report with the event, we recommend the following order of code execution:

  1. Call Moments API method
  2. Process response from Moments API
  3. Report the event to the attribution system