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Moments FAQs

Frequently-asked questions about Moments.

General FAQs

Are all Amazon Appstore developers eligible to use Moments campaigns?
Moments supports developers from all countries except South Africa, Albania, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Switzerland. Moments support also excludes developers from countries on the US embargo list.
What countries are eligible for reward delivery?
Amazon Moments can deliver rewards to all countries listed in the AmazonGlobal program. Click here for the complete list.
Can I offer Moments rewards on Fire TV app.
Currently, Fire TV does not support the Moments self-service option. You need to contact your Amazon account manager or file a ticket with the Moments support team.
How do I find out the number of redemptions that my customers made?
Moments is a cost per action (CPA) pricing model, so we can provide the number of completed actions. We cannot share reward-redemptions data because we consider that to be customer private data.
How does Moments mitigate fraud?
We include abuse-detection mechanisms in the order-qualification procedure. For example, we disqualify a user if we discover too many Amazon accounts linked to that user. These detection mechanisms help us to prevent and contain familiar scenarios, such as a person creating multiple Amazon accounts to qualify for a reward multiple times.
Can I use Amazon logos in my Moments campaign?
You can use "Delivered Through Amazon" badges when promoting rewards that are fulfilled through Amazon Moments. For details on the images and usage, see Using the "Delivered Through Badge".
Why are Amazon Marketplaces part of my campaign creation process?
There are 13 unique regions with their own Amazon Marketplaces. If you campaign is outside more than one region, you will need to select rewards for each additional marketplace. The marketplaces are United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Italy, India, Spain, Japan, Mexico, and Rest of World.
My customer has an issue, how do we address it?
Once your customer clicks on their reward URL, they can contact Amazon Customer Support for any issues. If your customers have issues before that, they need to contact your customer support because Amazon Moments has no visibility into the operations of your app or website.
I've selected a reward that has a trademark. Can I highlight the reward in my promotions?
You can highlight the trademarked item in promotions if you use the item's Amazon product detail page images with the following guidance: 1. Must only be used online (can’t be used in print materials) 2. Must somehow link back to Amazon (i.e., reward fulfilled by Amazon, or something similar); 3. The images cannot be altered in any way; and 4. The use must not be imply sponsorship or endorsement by the inventor of the reward. If Amazon, in its sole discretion, requests that you cease using any assets, you must comply promptly with our instructions.
Are there Amazon T&C's that need to live in the campaign flow?
We don’t require specifics items in your T&Cs but recommend that you include the following: qualifications for the reward, campaign end date, expiration date, and language such as "while supplies last" and "equal or similar value item" (in case a particular color goes out of stock).
What happens when my customer decides to return their reward?
If a customer returns their reward within the campaign period, they are eligible for a refund that is equivalent to the reward. If the reward is an item, the customer will receive Amazon credit for that item in their Amazon account. If the reward is a discount on a category, the customer will receive Amazon credit for that category. If a customer returns their reward outside the campaign period, they will not receive a refund.
What if my high-value action is a one-month paid subscription and the customer cancels the subscription as soon as they receive their reward?
Write a refund policy in your T&Cs to reduce your financial risk. One option is to state that customers can't cancel the first month if they redeem the offer. Another option is to only refund the difference between the paid subscription and CPA to the customer.

Campaign Setup and Experience

What art assets are needed for the Moments redemption page?
3000px x 600px banner image is required for the redemption page/email and redemption message.
What if a user is not an Amazon customer?
All users must have an Amazon account to redeem prizes. After users click your redemption page/email, they can create an Amazon account. They will then be automatically redirected to your company Moments page where the redemption code will be applied to their account.
If the user clicks on the Reward URL on a mobile device, will the Moments experience open in the Amazon app?
The Moments experience will depend on how you display the Reward URL to your user and the settings of your app. Based on that, there are two ways to open the Moments experience: (1) mobile web browser or (2) mobile view inside your app.

Pricing, Costs and Taxes

Is there a cost to using Moments?
Yes. The Rewards API helps you provide your end user with a quick and easy way to redeem rewards and takes care of inventory management and reward fulfillment. We charge per moment based on a CPA model (cost per action model). Pricing will vary based on volume.
Is there a Total Budget limit for Moments campaigns?
There is a monthly Total Budget limit of $5,000 USD per campaign and $15,000 USD per Moments account. If you’d like to increase your spend limit, please contact our support team.
Do my customers pay for tax on the reward item?
As the developer, you set the cost per action (CPA) for your campaign. It is recommended to set a CPA that is inclusive of tax to provide the best customer experience. For example if the reward is a FireTV stick valued at $25, you can set the CPA as $27.50 to cover the highest sales tax (10.02% in Louisiana). The customer will see $27.50 as a promo credit in their shopping cart.
Do my customers pay for shipping on the reward item?
Physical rewards will fall under the standard Amazon shipping guidelines. Prime members can receive items in 2 days. Non-prime members will get free shipping if the shopping cart is greater than $25. Refer to Shipping Rates and Times for more information.
I can't use a credit card. Can you do invoicing?
Yes, for a certain volume of business, we can generate invoices. Please contact our support staff using the Contact Us link at the bottom of your Moments Console.
Why is my CPA higher than the price of the item on Amazon?
Reward items are priced based on the selling price of items on Amazon over a previous time period. Amazon selling prices of individual items vary quite a bit based on a variety of factors which Moments does not control. The final CPA also takes into account taxes, shipping, and margin. Considering this algorithm, most reward items will be quite close to its selling price on Amazon, and some may even be lower than their selling prices.
So even if users will not redeem their gift we will still need to pay the full price of the item?
Moments is a cost-per-action (CPA) pricing model, so you are billed when your desired high-value action is complete and not the redemption of the item. Therefore it is important to make sure the action you're driving is worth the CPA you set in the Moments Console. Moments rewards are similar in concept to gift cards. If you buy a gift card and give it to a user, you can't make them use it or take back unused value later.


What if the reward that I select goes out of stock?
In the unlikely scenario a reward item goes out of stock, we will provide an alternate reward item of similar value.
When does the reward expire for my customer?
Expiration dates of rewards are automatically set to 30 days after the campaign end date.
Can I give an Amazon Gift Card?
You can give users Amazon Credits towards a category of curated products.
Can my customers pick their own reward?
Customers can only select rewards that you designate in the Moments Console. There are two types of rewards: 1) Discounts on curated products in a category and 2) Free individual products. You can select five Free products and/or one Discounted category for each campaign.
Can I see who has redeemed their rewards?
No. Amazon protects the privacy of all of it's stakeholders, and never discloses personally identifiable information or purchase histories.
Can I pick my own ASIN or reward my own product?
Yes, you can, but the product must be sold and fulfilled by Amazon, and you do not get a discount on CPA for selecting a reward that you sell on Amazon. Please send your product request here.
How do I reward users my merchandise?
We are currently offering a beta program where you can reward US users with standard t-shirts made through Merch by Amazon. If you're interested in applying, please contact our support staff using the Contact Us link at the bottom of your Moments Console.

Technical Issues

Where can I find the documentation for the Rewards API?
For an overview of the API, see Rewards API. For details, see Rewards API Endpoints.
Is there an SDK for my OS or IDE?
Not yet. If you would like an SDK, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the Moments Console, and let us know how you would like to use it, and on what OS or Development Envioronment.