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Amazon Drive

The Amazon Drive SDK for iOS enables you to leverage Amazon Drive in your games and apps on iOS. Integrate the Amazon Drive SDK for iOS in your apps and games and enable your users to access the photos, videos, and documents that they have saved in the Amazon Drive.

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Login with Amazon

Based on OAuth2.0, Login with Amazon allows you to securely connect with millions of Amazon customers and personalize their experience. Help secure customer information by leveraging the same user authentication system used by

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Mobile Ads

With Amazon Mobile Ads, our in-app display advertising solution for monetizing apps and games, you are paid on ad impressions served instead of clicks on ads. Start delivering mobile optimized ads from Amazon and brand advertisers quickly and easily.

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The Apps & Games Services SDKs include the following packages: Mobile Ads, Amazon Drive, In-App Purchasing, Device Messaging (Fire OS only), GameCircle, Login with Amazon, Maps (Fire OS only). Some SDKs may not be supported on all platforms.

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