In-App Purchasing

Increase conversion with Amazon's 1-click purchasing technology.

New to In-App Purchasing? Here's what you need to know

in app purchasing revenue
Understanding In-App Purchasing

Learn the terminology and other basics related to In-App Purchasing. Read more »

get started with iap
Getting started

Set up your development environment and import, build, and try the IAP sample apps. Read more »

in app purchasing ebook
In-App Purchasing eBook

Find out what the top 50 game developers do differently to increase revenue from in-app purchases. Download the eBook »

in app purchasing faq
Frequently asked questions

Have a question? See the IAP FAQ page. Read more »

Three ways to test your app

Unit testing

To perform unit testing of an un-submitted app that implements IAP, download and use the Amazon App Tester tool »

Performance compatibility

To verify your app's compatibility on various Android and Fire devices, use the App Testing Service »

Beta testing

To beta test your app with a select group of users after submitting your app to the Amazon Appstore, use Amazon's Live App Testing tool »