Whispersync between devices

Whispersync for Games is the first cross-platform game-syncing solution to automatically resolve conflicts and handle all the complexity and corner cases of game syncing, including offline and simultaneous play. Simply save your game variables in Whispersync's local database and Whispersync for Games handles the rest. With Whispersync, you can spend more time building games players love and less time managing data.

Achievement analytics

When you integrate GameCircle achievements, you automatically get access to Achievement Reports showing aggregate data on your players' achievement progress and completions. This information gives game developers direct, immediate insight into how players are interacting with their game, which they can use to plan improvements and ensure that their players always have a great experience.

Release on multiple devices

Add GameCircle features to all versions of your games running on Android devices, Fire tablets and Fire TV. With GameCircle enabled across platforms, players get the same game experience whether playing on their Android smart phone, their Fire tablet, or on the big screen with their new Fire TV.

Leverage Amazon's integrated SDK

Use Amazon's SDK, with integrated functionality for Amazon's app services such as In-App Purchasing, Login with Amazon, and Mobile Analytics.