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Your Moments Console
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Create User Messages

Once you have set the goals and the parameters for the campaign, it’s time to let your users know about your exciting promotion. This section details how to create announcement and redemption messages and best practices for promoting an excellent customer experience.

Create an Announcement Message

Your announcement message lets your users know about the promotion and the details of the promotion. Depending on how you’ve decided to communicate with your users – whether through an email campaign, social media campaigns, push notifications, in-app messages and notification centers, or a combination of these channels – you will need to build content and creatives for your promotion announcement. In your announcement message, be sure to:

  • Use clear and accessible messaging.
  • Clearly explain the action that the user needs to complete to qualify for the reward.
  • Showcase the reward visually or provide a clear description of the reward and how it can be used.
  • Include a link to Terms and Conditions that explain the campaign start and end date.
  • Provide a way for users to refer back to the promotion details.
Moments Engagement

Create a Redemption Message

The redemption message serves two main functions:

  1. Let customers know when they’ve completed the required action and qualified for the reward.
  2. Provide instructions on how to redeem the reward.

Similar to the announcement message, the redemption message can be distributed to customers through various channels such as email, push notification, in-app message or notification center, or web confirmation pages.

In your redemption message, be sure to:

  • Let customers know that they have won a reward and remind them why and what they’ve won.
  • Provide instructions for how to redeem the reward.
  • Include a link to the Terms and Conditions to remind users of expiration dates and other important terms.
  • Provide multiple options for redemption, if the use chooses to go back and redeem the reward later.
Moments Reward

Create Terms and Conditions

In the redemption message, link to the Terms and Conditions of the offer. We recommend that your Terms and Conditions include the following points:

  • Expiration date of the reward. Reward URLs expire in one month.
  • Any limitations to the reward.
  • If a reward is out of stock, we will provide an alternate reward item of similar value.

Create the Redemption Landing Page

This image/message is displayed to users who visit the reward redemption landing page on the Amazon web site. The image is 3000px by 600px.

Create the Action Completed Message

This message is a short text message to summarize the action that the user completed. The message will be prefixed with the words "Congrats for ". See the following image for an example. In this example, the action-completed message is set to subscribing to Amazon Prime:

Using the "Delivered Through Amazon" Badge

You can use either of the below "Delivered Through Amazon" badges when promoting rewards that are fulfilled through Amazon Moments. You can use a stacked badge:

Stacked badge

Or a horizontal badge:

Horizontal badge

Additionally, you can download these same badge images in EPS format with a variety of backgrounds:

You can use these badges in advertising and marketing materials to accurately demonstrate reward fulfillment by Amazon. Your use of these materials is subject to, and you agree to be bound by, the Amazon Developer Services Agreement.

Please refer to the following badge guidelines:

Badge usage guidelines
Badge usage guidelines

Use of any other Amazon trademark must be approved in advance by Amazon. You must not use the "Delivered Through Amazon" badges or any other Amazon trademark in a manner that implies sponsorship or endorsement by Amazon or otherwise mischaracterizes your relationship with Amazon.

Best Practices

Note the following best practices for creating messaging for Moments announcements and redemption:

Visuals are key – hopefully, you were strategic in your reward selection and have selected a reward that will be compelling to your audience. Use visuals in the campaign announcement and redemption messages to help showcase the reward and get users excited and motivated to complete the required actions.

Highlight relevance to your app – if the reward is relevant to your app or enables special use cases, make sure to cover this topic in your messaging. If your app has an audio component that is compatible with Alexa, and you are offering an Amazon Echo Dot as a Moments campaign reward, use your announcement and redemption messaging to highlight this new use case to your users. Similarly, if your reward enhances the app experience, be sure to include this in your messaging. For example, if you are offering a yoga mat or a resistance band that can be used with workouts offered by your app, highlight this connection.

Communicate frequently – alert users promptly when the Moments campaign has ended or if you run out of rewards. This helps to maintain a positive user experience and avoids disappointing users who are engaged and working toward the reward. Thanks your users for participating and let them know to look for future opportunities.

Localize your messaging – to create the best customer experience, translate your messaging for each region. This will help your campaign conversion rates and overall customer satisfaction.