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Your Moments Console
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Get Started with Campaigns

Perform these steps to design and test effective campaigns using Amazon Moments:

  1. Identify three high-value actions in your user experience.
  2. Use Going-Live Checklist to start first campaign
  3. Perform A/B test and evaluate campaign metrics.
  4. Configure Moments for the entire customer journey.
  5. Find the Moments that work for you.

The following sections describe each of the steps:

Identify three high-value actions in your user experience

Start your initial test with three basic user groups: active payers, lapsed payers, and active users who have never paid. Amazon Moments can be effective at bringing users over the conversion wall, so we recommend starting with these audiences.

  • Up-sell an IAP – For active payers, suggest an IAP priced more than their historical purchase amounts. Sweeten the offer with a unique physical or digital reward.
  • Try a new feature – Re-engage your lapsed payers by showcasing new content with a real-world reward.
  • Introduce IAP – Convert non-payers by offering a low-priced IAP with a low-priced reward.
  • Convert free-trial users – For subscription apps, offer a $10 Amazon credit reward for buying a one-month subscription at the end of the free trial
  • Award competitions and tournaments – Give your users physical or digital items as prizes for winning in-app competitions.

If you want to try other high-value actions, the following sections provide a more comprehensive list.

Increase Monetization

Increase revenue across your customer base by increasing the amount that each user spends. Use Moments to up-sell customers to premium products or encourage subscription upgrades. Highlight unique customer experiences such as goal completions with physical and digital rewards to build deeper engagement.

  • Drive First-time Payers - Identify pinch points or high friction experiences in your app and use a compelling reward to convert your users into payers. These pinch points can be difficult levels, limited time events, and new app features.
  • Motivate Multiple Purchases – Delight your customers with monthly events, goals or competitions that are rewarded with physical or digital items or Amazon credit that users can spend on any item sold by Amazon. This will drive deeper engagement and long-term monetization for your app.
  • Encourage Larger Spend – For subscription-based apps, you can increase the length of their subscription (such as from a one-month to a three-month, or a month-to-month to a year-long subscription) by rewarding a physical or digital item for the longer duration. For IAP apps, offer payers a reward for buying a higher-priced IAP (if they historically buy $25 IAPs, offer a $10 reward for buying a $50 IAP.)

Convert Free Trials to Subscriptions

Moments campaigns can push your users over the conversion wall. Subscription apps often start with a free trial and then require users to pay a subscription fee. You can offer a physical or digital reward equivalent in value to your one-month subscription. This allows the customer to use your service longer and potentially to remain a subscriber for subsequent months.

  • More Free Trials – Drive free trials post-install by offering a physical or digital reward to new customers who sign up and finish three pieces of content.
  • Free Trial to Monthly Subscription – Encourage your users to upgrade from the free trial to basic subscription by offering a device to enhance their viewing (such as FireTV Stock or Echo Dot).
  • Upgrade Your Subscription – Encourage your users to upgrade from the basic subscription to the premium or longer subscription by offering a real-world reward equivalent to the price difference.

Increase Engagement

Drive user engagement throughout the customer lifecycle. You can bring new users through an enriching onboarding process that shows them top features and content. Then use Moments to drive high-value actions for your business, such as in-app purchases or daily log-ins and referrals. Continue to engage your active users by challenging them to complete goals tied to new features, content and events. Create super fans by creating a long and fulfilling app experience that will drive organic referrals.

  • Challenge – Encourage your users with a goal and a real world prize. Think of it as a fun quest.
  • Surprise – Delight your users by enhancing peak moments in your app. Over time, this will motivate them towards your high-value actions.
  • Journey – A series of challenges and surprises that build upon each other for a more rewarding onboarding experience than a traditional tutorial.
  • Loyalty – Implement a frequent buyer or loyalty program to reward repeat purchases.

Win Back Payers

Payers are your most valuable customers and Moments can help you re-target them. Enhance new content, features, and events with real world offers and use push notifications and digital ads to bring payers back to your app.

  • New Features and Events – Showcase new features and events with a real-world prize.
  • Premium IAP – Offer a high-value IAP with a physical or digital real-world reward.
  • New Content – Promote new content by offering a real-world reward for finishing three episodes of the new series.

Reduce Churn

Use Moments to connect with your users before they lose interest in your app. Some users might have burned through all of your app’s content, some users no longer need your app’s functionality, and some users became distracted and simply forget about your app.

  • Cancellation Screen – When your users are stopping their paid subscription, offer a real world reward for continuing their subscription.
  • Special Events – New content is time-intensive and costly to produce, so create recurring limited-time events such as monthly competitions or themed bonus levels with Moments rewards.
  • Content Catch Up – When a season premiere is approaching, offer a reward to your user for catching up on unwatched episodes.
  • Post-Finale Retention - When a television season is ending, offer a reward for watching three episodes of another series.
  • Curated Goals - For users who are showing signs of lapsing out of the app, encourage them with goals and challenges related to their in-app behavior.

Use Going-Live Checklist to start first campaign

Work with your engineering team to determine the best Moments implementation. This lightweight integration sits on top of your existing retention mechanics to allow for a seamless experience for your engineering, product, and marketing teams.

Use the following checklist to plan your activities for creating and launching a campaign.

API Integration

  • Sign in or create an Amazon Developer account.
  • View the Moments Developer Guide
  • Integrate the Amazon Moments API into your app or web site.

Set Up the Campaign

Test the Campaign

  • After Moments approves your campaign, the campaign transitions to test mode.
  • Run tests calling the Rewards API to receive a reward URL.
  • When you are ready, set the campaign state to live in the Moments Console.

Perform A/B test and evaluate campaign metrics

Select reward amounts that will entice the user segment to complete the action. Perform A/B tests on different reward amounts to determine the optimal CPA (Cost per action). Does the campaign meet your retention, monetization and ROI goals? If not, try some of our best practices for choosing Actions

Configure Moments for the entire customer journey

The best Moments integrations start with a framework that includes all important user milestones. Start by mapping out your entire user lifecycle from new user to existing user to new payer to lapsed payer to lapsed user. Identify pinch points in your app that are opportunities for Moments to get users over the conversion wall.

Find the Moments that work for you

After you integrate Moments, continue to test and refine your campaigns. Refer to our resources and stay updated on best practices and new features.